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How to register your restaurant or bar on Just Eat

The food delivery platform can help you increase your turnover. The well-known Just Eat platform allows us to enjoy a wide variety of restaurants within its area of influence. Rare is the locality that does not have establishments associated with this chain, not only fast food! In this article, we will explain how you can register your bar or restaurant with Just Eat and increase your sales. It’s not a complicated process, and the effort can be well worth it. If you want to expand your business, it is one more possibility that can help you cope with this complicated situation. What is Eat? It is a platform that appears in both web and application format and was founded in Denmark in 2001, although it is currently based in the United Kingdom. It has 94,200 associated restaurants throughout Europe and reaches the dizzying figure of 24 million active customers. According to the latest data provided by the company, dating from 2017, its turnover was 612 million euros globally. Just Eat offers its services and Spain in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. It was not until 2010 that it arrived in Spain, Madrid, where its headquarters are located. In our country, it employs more than 100 people, has 9000 associated restaurants, and has an audience of 2 million customers. Currently, it offers 60 different types of meals in the Spanish version of the platform. Its operation for customers is effortless; just register in the application, enter an address, and see which restaurants offer food delivery in the area where you are. The best thing about Just Eat is that you can use it while traveling to change your delivery address and the application automatically shows you the best options for you. Orders are placed from the application or the web browser and the payment can use a bank card or the PayPal payment platform. Once you have placed the order, you only have to wait for the confirmation from the restaurant of its reception, which only takes a few minutes. you will have an estimated delivery time, from which you can enjoy your order. To complete the whole process, you can assess the restaurant and the food once you have finished. By the platform, discount codes are offered regularly so that you can enjoy your order at a much more affordable price. Just Eat is nothing more than the answer to new ways of understanding life, and eating is one of them. Currently, Just Eat is just one more of the food delivery applications found. Advantages of using Just Eat in your bar or restaurant In these complex times that we have had to live, with a pandemic situation that has punished many hoteliers, signing up on the platform can be a solution that will help you to boost your bar or restaurant. You probably can offer a food delivery service, since nowadays there are secure packaging systems that guarantee delivery in perfect conditions. It may be a good time if you haven’t thought about it. It is not necessary to associate food delivery exclusively with leisure or when we do not feel like cooking. If you have a bar or restaurant that only offers food on the premises, you can expand your field of action and serve those people who, for one reason or another, cannot travel. Think of those who work in an office and cannot leave the office to eat, those who are staying in a hotel and do not feel like leaving the room, or even a dependent person. Logically you will have to take into account that offering a home delivery service will force you to have a person in charge of these deliveries. Customers value very positively that their orders arrive at the agreed time and in good conditions. Therefore, the investment in this service is necessary, but the accounts can pay off if your service is successful. On the platform, it is estimated that your turnover can increase by 15 to 20% and that the investment made is recovered in less than 10 orders. You can probably balance the books and open a new billing channel for your bar or restaurant if you offer this service. By the way, do you know the Nomo management and billing app?

How to register your restaurant or bar on Just Eat

Registering your bar or restaurant on this platform is not a complex process. There is a web page available to join the Just Eat restaurant community and you will have to enter some information, with the name of your establishment, a cell phone number, the zip code of your establishment, and an e-mail address. Once you have submitted the form, the platform will contact you to offer you the best solution. If your restaurant or bar is located in a small town, it may not be eligible for the benefits of Just Eat, but to be sure, it is always best to check.Captura De Pantalla Just Eat Once the platform has contacted you and the viability is a fact, you will receive the ordering machine at your establishment and everything you need to start working. Once the registration process is completed, and your establishment is correctly registered, you have to wait for customers to start placing their orders. You now have all the necessary elements to write your bar or restaurant on the Just Eat platform. This is one more way to open up your range of action and, therefore, increase your turnover. Think that this phenomenon is still on the rise; ordering food at home is one more possibility to gain followers.

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