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How to prevent Google Play Services from consuming so much battery in Android

It is clear that within Android phones one of the great allies that we find in its operating system are Google Services, mostly because they are a fundamental part of the certified devices. Thanks to this, we are able to use all the apps offered by the American company. However, it is not free of errors, especially the one that causes to ‘drink’ all the battery of our phone. It is normal, like any app on a mobile, that consumes energy. Although, in this case it can be too excessive, so much so, that it can lead us to have to charge the mobile on more than one occasion throughout the same day. Therefore, if this same problem happens to you, we will offer you different solutions that you can put into practice. And in any case, we have not been the culprits, but the fault is behind the Google Play Services themselves. But, as we said, there are different ways to prevent the energy expenditure is so high, or at least less over time.

Check your battery

Believe it or not, these services are from the first time we turn on our phone Android. However, excessive consumption may be the trigger that makes us see that something is wrong with these Google services. Basically, because there is something that does not work as it should. If this is your case, the first thing we will have to do, before taking action, will be to check on our mobile if it is true that there is a problem that we do not know. The fastest way to check the consumption that makes this software on your smartphone will be entering your Settings > Battery > Usage details. If the services are in the first place without any reason, it means that they are consuming at all times more than the account. From here, we will get down to work. Although before, we must also know why this happens.

Why does it consume so much?

In case you did not know, Google Play Services is the collection of different services and apps offered by the company, and that are responsible for managing all from an application. These are completely free, and the fact of having them facilitates our daily use with an Android phone. For example, they are responsible for managing many ecosystem applications such as Maps, Play Store, the voice assistant of our terminal, among others. In addition, all these tools are continuously synchronized with Google. For this reason it is normal that it consumes energy, the unusual thing will be that it spends more when we have barely used these apps of the company itself. Therefore, if this is your case, we warn you that something is not working properly on your smartphone. It may be a specific failure in your own Android phone or, in other cases, the main culprit will be the app in charge of these services that we have installed by default on our smartphone. Once understood this aspect, it is time to take action to prevent Google Play Services consumes so much battery.

Get not spend more

There is no doubt that excessive battery consumption will be the biggest trigger of all for us to realize that there is a problem with the Play Services of our Android mobile. Although we can rest assured that we will always find a possible solution with which we will find the necessary key to end this error.

Restart the mobile

The first method, and the most basic of all that we will see now onwards, will be to restart our Android mobile. And it is that some of its internal processes may have affected the battery consumption is higher than usual or simply is causing Google Services malfunction. So, this simple action will be more than enough to start all processes from scratch. In the event that, with the passage of time we see that continue to consume too much energy, we will have to take another more restrictive measure. For it will not be the fault of the smartphone itself, but of the app that we have in the terminal.

Force it to stop

After trying the previous method, and see that everything is still the same, we will have to force it to stop. It will take us a few seconds to obtain it, because it does not have greater complication. We will only have to enter the device settings > Applications and notifications. When we are in this section we must go to the section that lets us view all mobile apps and select Google Play Services or Google Play Services. Within this tool, we have to tap on the button Force stop > Accept. After this, check again the Battery section after a few minutes to see if it has already stopped consuming so much battery on the phone. If not, we will have to try the following solution that we leave you below.

Delete your data

Now it is time to go to completely reset the application of this app on our phone. In this case we will have to follow the steps above, it will be as easy as going into the mobile settings > Applications and notifications > View all apps > search for services. And once we are inside it, we must click on the option Storage and cache > Clear storage and Clear cache. In this way, we will do a quick reset of this software, ie, it will be as if we used it for the first time on the Android mobile

Uninstall your updates

If the problems persist, we will always be the alternative to remove all updates that have been downloaded from the services on our Android phone. To achieve this, we must follow the above steps again to access the settings of this software. Once we are inside, we must press the options menu and select Uninstall updates. At the same time, Google Play Services will return to its original state, so, with this, it should be enough to correct the problem that has made it consume too much battery on our Android.

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