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How to know if your cell phone is bugged or hacked

Privacy in our mobile is one of the issues that over time is gaining more importance and impact. And it is that beyond a spy movie, learning to know if our mobile is bugged or hacked can be important for our security and private life, which is more and more compromised every day with the advance of technology. Since the advent of smartphones and continuous internet connection, hackers have focused all their efforts on developing malware capable of infecting and controlling them so that they can pose a danger. This even means that they can steal our social networks and even reach our bank accounts so that our privacy and security can be greatly affected.

Have you been hacked?

It is quite likely that, if you have come this far, you suspect that someone is watching what you do with your mobile. There are several ways in which we can think that our phone is tapped, which we must assess and check if the suspicions are true.


First we put in the spotlight those situations that are outside the usual that can make a mobile. Although there are those who can take us for exaggerated, it is the first alert that we can detect and that will take us to discover if we have been bugged the mobile and there is somebody knowing more than the account on us.

  • Strange behavior of our mobile: If our terminal turns off or restarts in a common way without previous warning, we have to be suspicious. Also if applications are opened automatically without us wanting it, it gets too hot or applications take too long to open is not something that we can consider as natural so it may be clear signs that something strange is happening.
  • Significant decrease in autonomy: to notice a significant decrease in autonomy may be due to natural factors, such as you have the brightness too something, you have activated wireless networks such as WiFi, Bluetooth or GPS continuously as well as if we make intensive use of games. But if none of this is common and the battery lasts less and less, it is a symptom that something inside is not going well.
  • Overheating of the phone: if you are not doing anything and you see that it is very hot (if you do not have it in the sun), you could be facing a case of infected device. When a smartphone performs activities in the background behind the user’s back, the components of the device tend to heat up, revealing a possible infection that involves a risk to your data.
  • Other unusual factors: when it takes a long time to turn on or off, when contacts disappear from our phonebook and new ones appear, when we receive unknown and strange messages, when the internet data is spent faster or when we hear beeps while talking on the phone.

Although it is not easy to know 100% if we are being spied with the mobile , we can intuit if our terminal is being one more victim with the following tricks.

Forwarded calls

There is an MMI code that identifies where calls come in when they are not answered. Put another way, this indicates if someone has activated call forwarding on the phone either from the smartphone itself or remotely. To find out if we have it configured we must dial *#62# and you can find out if your calls are being redirected to some number. If this number does nothing, you will have to follow this process:

  1. We access the Phone app.
  2. We tap on Settings.
  3. Locate the call forwarding and buy if there is any number added that is not ours.
  4. We can also find it in the phone Settings, using the word forwarding in the search engine.

Tapped phone

We can also check if our phone is being hacked through the IMEI. The easiest way to know our serial number is to dial *#06# and we will see a long number that is our ID (something like the ID of our device). This number also usually appears on the box of the device itself so if we have it at hand, just take a look at the label where the barcode appears. If we see that at the end of our number, when we enter the code appear 2 zeros, it means that someone would be listening to us when making calls. But it will be even worse if 3 zeros appear, a sign that in addition to listening to us they have access to our calls, messages, files and photos.

Discover spying

The last option we have to try to detect if someone is snooping on our private conversations is to dial the code *#21# in the phone app of your mobile (as if you were making a call) and then press the call key. This set of symbols and letters will show you the status of your connections with the help of the operator to know if someone is spying on you.

Ways to avoid it

That we have the mobile tapped or hacked is not common, so it is not easy for this to happen. Thus, if after the above steps we have serious suspicions that the smartphone may be being affected, the best solution does not exist, but we must rely on those we have.

Disable the forwarding

There is a code that through the phone dialer will begin to interpret our preferences in the mobile so that the settings that directed our calls to other phones and therefore someone listens to us, are forgotten. This mechanism is done with the code ##002# then pressing the call button. In case it does not work, we can contact the operator to request to delete all the diverts applied to our phone number.


We can choose to delete everything in the controlled mobile, but before that you must make a backup of your photos, videos and files and move them to another memory unit because during this process, they will be lost. Then follow this procedure:

  1. Access your phone’s Settings.
  2. Select Backup and reset.
  3. Look for the option Erase all data.
  4. When the device restarts again, set it up from scratch and you will have erased all call forwarding and possible infected apps.

Change mobile

It is rare that after doing the previous step everything remains the same, but if you do not notice or still have suspicions that someone is watching you, the most advisable and drastic would be to change the device so that this way no one can continue to have access to it. And as the saying goes “the dog is dead and the rabies is over”. A quick and effective way to from now on be more careful about who has access to the smartphone.

Change number

In case our concern is that someone diverts calls and listen to phone conversations, with only change the SIM card or even change the number, we will be safe. After the change, no one without access will be able to repeat the same thing easily.


So that a situation like this does not happen again, we have to take into consideration a series of precautions with it. In this way we make sure that the hacking of the mobile is not repeated and our life with technology is calm again.

  • Always update system and apps: it is the best security measure against possible espionage attacks.
  • Do not install apps outside the store: using only Google Play or the App Store, we will be safe from malicious attacks.
  • Be careful who uses your smartphone: in a matter of seconds, someone can install an app that allows you to spy on us completely.

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