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How to hide activity status on instagram and last seen

In this article, we will answer the two most important questions regarding the status of activity and visibility in the Instagram social networking application:

How do I hide the activity status on Instagram?

How do I hide my appearance on Instagram?

How to hide the last seen and hide the activity status on Instagram is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions by Instagram users, We found many asking “ How do I hide my appearance on Instagram? ” Similar to other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., Instagram has also added a new feature called “ Activity Status ” in the Direct Messages section and using this feature you can know when your friend was last online or their current status.

Lots of users love this feature but there may be various personal reasons why you don’t want to show your online status to anyone. Especially since this feature is not enabled by default in your Instagram profile but if you want to activate it you can easily turn it on so let’s see how you can hide Instagram appearance or hide last seen Instagram.

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How does the activity status feature on Instagram work?

The activity status feature shows people you’ve sent DMs to when you were last online and if you are currently active on Instagram and your status is only shown to people you follow so if someone follows you but you don’t follow them they won’t be able to view your status.

The feature only shows if you’re online and when you last accessed the app and your friends won’t see posts you liked or commented on.

What is the meaning of Active Today in Instagram?

Until now this feature was only available on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger but Instagram has also joined the club now as the company has started rolling out a feature called Activity Status which shows when was the last time an Instagram user was active.

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Should you keep the activity state on or off?

There are some benefits to maintaining, This allows you to monitor your friends’ online status without feeling like you’re intruding. If you want to send a funny message at the right moment, you can expect your friend to see it right away or shortly thereafter.

However, Hide Instagram activity status offers a huge benefit of being able to access Instagram without anyone knowing this means that you can reply to direct messages at your leisure and not feel as if anyone is constantly following when using the app and the only drawback is that once you turn off Turn the feature on You won’t be able to view anyone else’s activity status.

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Hide instagram activity status step by step

This is how to hide your appearance on Instagram, the new update. Follow them in order:

  1. First update your Instagram app and login.
  2. From the drop-down menu, click on Settings, as shown in the attached image. The three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Scroll down and click on the Activity Status option under Privacy and security settings.
  4. Just turn it off to turn off Show activity status.
اخفاء الظهور في الانستقرام
Hide instagram

right Now, You can visit your Instagram profile privately and your activity status will not be shown to anyone and if you want to see the last activity of others you have to turn it on.

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How to Hide Last Seen on Instagram for iPhone and Android

Regardless of the Stories feature, what WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have in common is the last seen feature which shows when was the last time the user was online.

The activity status feature that shows the last seen of an Instagram user is turned on by default but fortunately there is a way by which I was able to hide my activity on Instagram for iPhone and the same method is done on Android according to the following steps:

  • Step 1: Open the Instagram app and tap your profile picture in the lower right corner of the screen and then tap the three-dot menu button in the upper-right corner (on iOS, Click the gear icon next to the “Edit Profile” option).

How To Hide Activity Status On Instagram And Last Seen

  • Step 2: Clicking on the three-dot menu button on your profile will take you to the options menu and under the options menu, Scroll down until the Settings sub menu appears and within that you will see a new option called “Show Activity Status” with a toggle right next to it and Activity Status will be on by default thus to hide last seen on Instagram click on the toggle next to Show Activity Status and doing this will turn off Activity status feature which means your last seen on Instagram will remain hidden.

How To Hide Activity Status On Instagram And Last Seen

  • Step 3: However, turning off the activity status feature will not immediately hide your Instagram last seen if you are an Android user. After turning off this feature, remove the Instagram app from Recent apps and reopen it.

This is how you last hide in Instagram and your Instagram activity status is displayed in the Instagram Direct Messages section and as you can see in the image above once the activity status is turned off the sticker showing the user’s last seen will be replaced with the last message sent or received.

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Information to note

It is important to remember the following:

  1. If you hide your last seen on Instagram by turning off the activity status you will not only prevent others from seeing the last time you were active but you will also be prevented from seeing the last time they were active. So don’t ask why the last seen on Instagram is not showing up.
  2. You can only see the Instagram last seen of those accounts you follow as well as the accounts that sent you a message.
  3. If you are not following an Instagram account but you are still receiving a message from that account, you will be able to see the last seen of this account as long as it is not disabled.

Given how dependent on the digital world one can be about privacy and speaking of that if you use Instagram then you probably heard that earlier this year the app received a new feature which wasn’t really a necessity and the new feature allowed users to view post Once you or your friends have used the application by adding a small green dot to your profile similar to what you see on Facebook Messenger and in case you do not prefer that and are looking for Hide instagram last seen and hide instagram activity status, this article is sure to be of interest to you.

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