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How to get Google apps and services on Huawei P40 Lite

The Huawei P40 Lite is perhaps the most balanced member of the entire P40 family. It arrived on the market with an official price that did not reach 300 euros and offers interesting features such as its quadruple rear camera. However, not arriving with the Google Services installed can make many users who have already purchased it or plan to do so. However, we show you how it is not complicated to solve this inconvenience. The US stick to Huawei continues, aggravated even more if possible by the current situation. Buying a P40 Lite is a gourmand option, as it has even been released at a better price than what we saw in the previous generation in the P30 Lite. However, when turning on the mobile, all users will find themselves without a trace of Google and its most important services such as the store or Maps, which puts us in trouble to use the mobile as we are used to.

The simplest

If you have come to this article because you have a Huawei P40 Lite and you are in this situation, you have to know that you will quickly get access to Google apps on your smartphone. This first process is the most recommended, since although it may bring with it some specific limitations, it does not involve any dangerous installation on the smartphone and in a few seconds we can use the firm’s apps as we would do in another terminal.

Petal Search

Huawei knows the difficulties that users face when we want to get access to Gmail, YouTube or other GMS apps on the P40 Lite or other models. That’s why it came up with a plan that Google can’t stand in the way of us using. It is based on a search engine that already comes standard on this model and allows us to locate any apps we want.

Therefore, all we have to do is place on the screen if we do not already have the Petal Search search engine and start the search for any app. In addition, we can use Huawei App Gallery to search for more and more applications, but if any is missing, only with this search engine we will have it solved. To use it we will only have to follow this process:

  1. We pinch the screen.
  2. We touch on the Widgets option.
  3. We look for Petal Search.
  4. We drag the desired design to the home screen.
  5. We press and look for the desired app.
  6. Select the Applications tab.
  7. Tap Install the one you want.

These apps that we touch will be installed from different sources of the network based on fully reliable alternative stores. In this way we can have the apps we need without having to complicate installing Google services.

Web version

The thing changes when we refer to Google applications, although the method will be the same for all of them, in this case the app can not be put into operation with an APK to not have the services. For this, what Petal Search offers us is a shortcut. The process is the same again, except that when we search instead of Install, we will see that it says Go. After going to the web version of any of the GMS apps, we will see at the bottom the button to add it to the home screen. So we get instant access to the Google app on the Huawei P40 Lite whenever we need it as if it were another app. In this case also, we will save internal memory on the phone.

Dual Space

The most complete solution is in an application called Dual Space, that works by adding all the apps we need in seconds to the mobile from making got access to Google Play on Huawei. A portal that gives us access in a particular part of the system to the services of the big G with just one app and without this taking us headaches.


To begin the process that allows us to have all the services of the company running and access to apps of the big G, we just have to download the APK that we share with you. It is completely safe and will not pose any problem for our Huawei terminal since it is developed specifically to coexist with the services of the Chinese firm.


The first time we access the app that we have downloaded and installed called Dual Space, will ask us a large number of permissions, which we must accept so that there are no errors in the process. Without them we can not continue or sooner or later we could have errors and uninstall again to start the process.


Once we have the Dual Space app ready, we will see how the app shows us a folder with access to Google Play, which has been installed along with services, only in this section of the memory of our smartphone. The next thing the store will ask us is to log in, which we can do as we would normally do and without limitations to enjoy all the services and apps. Now every time we install an app from Google Play, it will be announced in this folder that works as a world apart. If at any time we want to use Petal Search, we can do so without this affecting it.

Known problems

The only difficulties that users have encountered with this method, is that in some cases when logging in and ask us to double check the system does not work. Fortunately, we can log in without it, we just have to go to the browser and enter Google. Once inside we go to the Security section and in the Two-Step Verification section we deactivate it momentarily. Once we have the account linked to Dual Space in our Huawei P40 Lite, we can re-activate it in the same menu and nothing will affect us.

Alternative method

In technology changes are constant and it is likely that if you come to this article months later, you find that some option has stopped working or does not give the desired result. Therefore, we offer another alternative that allows you to install Google services for a long time without having ceased to take effect in your terminal P40 Lite, although for this we will have to be meticulous in the process to avoid making mistakes. The process that we will use is known as Googlefier, which manages to automate all processes of installation of services to achieve the best possible result. In this way we save possible errors and mistakes in the process, since the installation of these will be completed through quick buttons.

Download version

As contradictory as it may seem, we need to go back one step backwards and then take two steps forward. To proceed to make this happen, we have to download the file with the specific version that allows us to use Googlefier, which in many cases we find it in the following XDA post at our fingertips. If we have no luck, to find the previous firmware, we must download it from this web where we have to locate a ROM called FullOTA for our particular model, whether it is the P40 Lite or another model. Then comes the time to install HiSuite on the computer and the tool HiSuite Proxy with which we will be able to choose the file with the previous version of EMUI. Once the process is complete, just tap on Setup and proceed to open HiSuite. Now what we will do is connect the terminal to the computer via USB and it will recognize the option to update it, although as we will see, it will do so towards EMUI 10. Once completed the de-update of our mobile, it is important that not apply any other update or we can not continue with the steps to access the services of the American company.


Once we are in EMUI 10 within the model in question, we will only have to download the app Googlefier that we are missing and is the one that will give play to complete the process. A method that is repeated in the same way as others that we can find on the network, although in this case without complications for us. After completing the installation process, we will see new icons on our mobile. One of them called Googlefier and another LZPlay which is responsible for giving us access to a backup with Google available, which will allow us to enjoy the services of the US company in Huawei without affecting the terminal or detected as a threat. Although everything may seem relatively simple, we should not overlook some very important points, especially when it comes time to add our Gmail account to access services, saved items or even files we have in the cloud. To perform the process, we must follow the steps shown and explained:

  1. We tap on the green arrow where all services will be installed.
  2. We add the Google account, as many times as necessary in case an error appears.
  3. We do the same with the accounts that we want to have on the mobile as secondary.
  4. We accept all the permissions that appear to us, without skipping any.
  5. The tool with a screwdriver is designed to fix the notifications, which in some phones fail after installing the GMS.
  6. We just follow the process and tap again on the steps that appear

Once we are done with the process, we can leave and try to find the Google Store or other services, checking if we can download apps and use them normally.

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