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Facebook: delete old posts in seconds

Embarrassing photos, inappropriate thoughts, our Facebook profiles are full of posts that we wish we had never posted. Here’s a solution to delete in a few clicks the old posts that make you feel ashamed.

Clean up your Facebook account

Contrary to what many people think, nothing in life is fixed. Circumstances, encounters, experiences change us. What made us laugh 4 or 5 years ago can now seem totally inappropriate.

The problem is that the internet forgets nothing and forgives nothing. This makes it necessary to be particularly attentive to your social accounts. Your Facebook profile most likely contains many posts that seemed funny at the time but now make you feel ashamed.

Obviously nothing prevents you from scrolling through your news feed post by post in search of a dubious publication. Although very efficient, this solution can be very time consuming. Because you have other things to do in life than scrutinize your profile, Facebook has just launched the Manage Activity tool to quickly sort through your posts.

Cleaning up your social accounts is never a pleasure. Some users prefer to delete their Facebook account rather than sort out their posts. That’s how thankless this task is.

Deleting posts from the Facebook application

Digging up old embarrassing posts has become a favorite game for some funny people. No one is safe from seeing an old photo or an embarrassing comment resurface. To prevent people from snooping into your digital past, it’s best to archive or delete your old posts.

  • Launch the Facebook application on your smartphone
  • Click on the Menu button at the bottom right of your screen
  • Roll down the window
  • Select the settings and privacy section and then settings
  • In this new menu you will see the personal history section
  • Click on itclick on it
  • Then click on the manage activity button and then on the tab your posts at the bottom of the screen

All your old posts will appear in chronological order. All you have to do now is to select all the publications that are causing problems and click on trash. Your posts will be automatically placed in a trash for 30 days. This will allow you to restore your posts if you change your mind.

The tool has a filter that allows you to refine the search for posts to delete. For example, you can choose to display only the publications of a given period or the messages containing a photo or a video

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