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Enable silent mode for unknown calls on iPhone

Unsolicited phone calls from an unknown number can quickly become a source of stress. Fortunately, Apple offers a function that can mute the iPhone for calls from strangers (spam, robot person you don’t know).

Mute calls from strangers

Advertising messages, commercials or automated phone calls (robot call), there is not a day that goes by without receiving an unsolicited phone call. Obviously there are different methods to stop unwanted calls.

The simplest and fastest technique to protect yourself from this kind of mishap is to block the numbers that are the source of the spam one by one. It is long, tedious and not always efficient. Companies specializing in telemarketing do not hesitate to change numbers regularly.

Another solution is to register on the official Bloctel list of opposition to telephone canvassing set up by the French government. Registration to this platform is free (valid for three years only). However, this solution sometimes has some malfunctions. Here is how to access the service of opposition to telephone canvassing 100% free .

If despite all your efforts, you continue to receive calls from commercial telephone prospecting companies, you will be happy to know that your iPhone has several functions to fight against this nuisance.

To avoid being disturbed by unsolicited calls, Apple has developed a system to automatically activate the silence mode for calls from an unknown number. In this way, you will not be bothered by people who are not in your phonebook.

Here are the steps to follow to activate the function Silent calls from strangers. Please note that this feature is only available on phones supporting iOS 13 and higher. If you are using an iPhone that is too old, you will not be able to take advantage of this feature.

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings
  • Click on the green Phone icon
  • Scroll down the window
  • Click on the mention Silent Unknown Calls
  • Press the switch to activate the feature

Once the operation is validated, the calls from unknown people will be automatically sent to your voice mail. This feature will also protect iPhone owners from voice spam and telemarketers.

But unlike traditional call blockers, Apple has enhanced its system with an AI (artificial intelligence) based tool. Your iPhone will use Siri’s resources to check the phone number of the caller that appears in your contacts, your messages, your emails or your last outgoing calls.

If this search does not yield anything, the iPhone will not ring. The call will be directly directed to voicemail in the greatest silence. In case your mobile does not offer this type of device, you should know that there are applications capable of blocking numbers or calls from strangers such as Robo Shield.

Do not forget that these filtering tools can sometimes block legitimate calls by mistake. It’s up to you to see if it’s worth it. In spite of these inconveniences, the silent stranger calls feature remains one of the best solutions to reduce unwanted calls and unknown numbers considerably.

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