However, if you’re looking for a brand new controller, there are better options for a more polished gaming experience. That’s why we tested various options to find the best Switch controller you can buy right now.

The only good thing about joycons is that you can turn them into two small controllers, but to be honest, I’d rather have the luxury of having two regular controllers. The Nintendo Switch ships easily with two standard controllers, though given the hybrid console’s group-play mindset, you’ll likely need more. Meanwhile, to use these controllers, your device must be running at least Android 10.

If you don’t have a compatible controller, use your mobile device’s touchscreen as a virtual gamepad, or play games on your computer with your mouse and keyboard. If you’re connecting a controller to an Android 11 device using a USB-C(r) cable or connecting via Bluetooth and the controller isn’t recognized, try disabling all accessibility services in your device’s settings. If you’re having trouble connecting your controller, please connect a third-party controller to your mobile device to play on your TV. If you’re playing Stadia with an Xbox controller on a Windows PC and you press the Xbox button, the Windows Game Bar may open.

Please note that you cannot play the keyboard. While the Nintendo Switch Lite is designed for handheld mode, you can still use the same controller accessories, including the Pro Controller, and select Joy-Con pairs. This means you can use the controller for one player or split it up and use it as two if you prefer. There are Joy-Con-like left and right controllers that plug into the side of the Switch, similar to the Horis Switch Split Pad Pro. If this is new to you, you might be happy to know that this also works with the Joy-Con controller, allowing you to use the Switch Joy-Con on Windows, Mac, and Android. This will prevent hand cramps, and while the Joy-Cons are great for kids and people with small hands, the Switch Pro is better for adult hands. The best management. With its design, the Switch Pro fits comfortably in your hands, giving you better control over the game. It’s better than using a mouse and keyboard for sports games or some Rocket League sessions.

It may not offer the advanced capabilities you can get with a DualSense controller from a PC. However, the Switch Pro tablet and its superhuman battery are still tough to beat in terms of comfort and durability. If you want to play with a Switch controller on your PC, be sure to read our guide, and you can start playing in just a few easy steps. You now know the different ways to connect your Switch controller to your computer. In addition to a few methods out of the box, you can also use a dedicated Switch accessory to power the controller. If you’re hoping to get back to your game quickly, you can always consider buying one backup controller to use while the other is charging.

Unfortunately, this will not allow you to charge both controllers simultaneously; each of the controllers needs to be charged separately via the USB-C ports or when connected to a switch while charging (you can leave the controllers docked). Then take the USB cable that came with the controller; it has a large USB connector on one end and a smaller one on the other. To connect the Pro Controller to your smartphone, you need to disconnect it from the switch and then put it into pairing mode using the button next to the USB-C charging port. Bring the controllers closer to the phone, and after a few seconds, they should appear in the “Available Devices” section. Once set up, the Pro Controller should work with all Steam games. Play on your TV, computer, or mobile device using a Stadia controller or compatible controller. You can use some Bluetooth controllers to play Stadia games on compatible TVs, mobile devices, and computers. You can also connect a USB gamepad to your phone as a bridge to control switches.

The S-Charge is a Nintendo Switch charging case that contains its spare battery, similar to a USB portable charger, and can be used to charge the Switch and connected Joy-Con controllers on the go. It’s the same shape as a standard Joy-Con handle but attaches to the Switch dock to keep charging the controller while you’re using it. What’s more, you can charge its battery while you play, readying your Nintendo Switch for its next use. That’s great news for all Switch owners who have invested in a high-quality gamepad and want to make money off their other devices, especially since it’s one of the very few Bluetooth gamepads that charges using USB-C. Just like your phone. The Pro Controller is just one of several accessories available for the Nintendo Switch. The $70 pad is far more comfortable than the Joy-Cons that come with the Switch (though it’s less flexible), and it’s one of the best I’ve ever played with, so it’s only natural that you want to use it as much as possible. However, unlike the Horis controller, the Binbok controllers can be used outside of a switch, as each controller has a built-in battery and Bluetooth. What’s more, they’re available on PC and Android, making the Nintendo Switch Pro controller an all-around controller for your gaming needs. Finally, if you’re looking for games, check out our guide to the best Switch games.

Our guide to the best gaming headsets has recommendations for two headsets that will work with your phone and Switch simultaneously. It’s great here to plug in a Nintendo Switch Pro controller and play on the best gaming phones. Whatever the reason, you can play Switch games on your mobile with an emulator. So if you plan on playing Nintendo on your phone, make sure your processor can handle it, and you have reliable Wi-Fi to download the files you need. In addition, you will need to download a ROM for any Nintendo game you wish to play on your phone. You will need a Nintendo Online membership to play online multiplayer games and save games to the cloud. The Switch technically has an online service, but playing with friends is tricky.

If you don’t play Fortnite, which has console chat, you’ll need to download the Switch Online mobile app for Android or iPhone and open it when starting a game session. Nintendo has an iOS/Android app currently required for in-game voice chat. But be aware that you must know how to do this and reconnect the controller to the switch when you’re done.