Questions abound about the types of Daman health cards, and for this we will explain to you the different types of Daman health cards, and we will also explain the types of Daman cards for expatriates to be aware of all types of Daman health cards, and most importantly, we will explain to you the most important steps that you can follow to register with Daman.

Types of health insurance

The most important types of health insurance for individuals are as follows:

I. Program

  • It is one of the comprehensive programs provided by Daman with global coverage, and helps cover various basic benefits, the most important of which is in-hospital treatment.
  • It also includes international assistance services, a second medical opinion service, and the possibility of treatment in outpatient clinics. This card covers emergency services.
  • This card has the flexibility to add optional benefits that help design your program.

my family card

  • It is a comprehensive health insurance for the family, which starts from 800 dirhams per year.
  • The card provides the ability to choose programs for local health insurance, in addition to the possibility of adding many benefits to all parts of the world.
  • Access to treatment with a large number of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, which number more than 2,000 hospitals, pharmacies and clinics.
  • Providing distinguished services throughout the entire week, as well as providing services in a distinguished manner throughout the entire day, and services are provided throughout the entire year.

long program

  • This program gives the opportunity to retired people peace of mind, and this program is considered the most ideal program for retirees.
  • They are the most important plans that are designed to ensure peace of mind for retirees and their families as well.
  • Quick access to health insurance documents online.
  • This program provides the most important services that help take care of customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Types of warranty cards for expatriates

Types of warranty cards for expatriates

After knowing some types of health insurance, we will show you the cards that you can choose, which are as follows:

home help

  • This program is the basic coverage of health insurance, and this program is the most important option for people with low incomes.
  • Most importantly, this program covers various benefits that are essential, including hospital treatment, as well as the possibility of treatment in outpatient clinics, and this program provides emergency services.

visit program

  • This program is one of the programs that guarantees you access to inpatient care in case of emergency.
  • And the possibility of treatment, as well as a hospital stay for treatment of Covid-19.
  • This program provides daily emergency treatments, as well as emergency hospital stays.
  • This card also helps with prescribed medications, and management of inpatient cases in case of emergency.
  • The most important thing is that the emergency line is available throughout the week as well as around the clock.

Thiqa Program

  • Thiqa Program is the most important enhanced program, with annual subscription up to 20,000,000 AED.
  • This program helps subscribers to obtain comprehensive coverage of medical services within the United Arab Emirates.
  • This program helps cover the northern emirates, as well as around the world.
  • Comprehensive coverage of bills at a rate of 100%, and work on coverage of various public utilities, as well as private utilities at a rate of 100%.
  • In addition to covering all elective procedures at a rate of 100%.

How to register in Daman

After knowing the types of health Daman cards, you can familiarize yourself with the registration procedures for Daman, which are as follows:

  • Click on the link below to go to the direct link to register with a guarantee as a new user.

  • Then enter all the required data in the registration form, the most important of which is entering the name of the first sponsor.
  • Also, the sponsor’s last name must be entered, and the sponsor’s nationality must be selected by pressing the arrow, and if the list does not contain your nationality, you can click on the Others selection.
  • The mobile phone number of the sponsoring person must be entered, as well as the identity card number of the sponsoring person.
  • After completing the required data entry, click on the Continue icon to submit the Daman registration request.

Thus, we have become acquainted with the most important types of health insurance, from which you can choose the card that suits you and your family, as well as we have explained to you all the steps for registration with Daman that you can follow in order to be able to register for the possibility of obtaining a health insurance card that provides you with the best treatment services at the level of the UAE United.