PUBG took the mobile gaming scene by storm and created a new genre of battle royale games. Another major gaming brand is trying to cash in on the craze, and it’s none other than Call of Duty. It’s one of the biggest franchises in the world, with millions of copies sold over the years. So how does Call of Duty Mobile compare to PUBG Mobile?

That’s the main question I’m looking for an answer to myself. Of course, there will be new maps and weapons to play with. That’s the case with any new game. What else does it have to offer?

Let’s get started.

1. Graphics

Graphics performance is highly dependent on the hardware your smartphone comes with. For this guide, I am going to use the same smartphone to test both PUBG (version 0.14.0) and Call of Duty Mobile (version 1.0.8), which is Mi Note 5 Pro. Call of Duty Mobile provides better and more detailed maps.

In the game, when you are entering houses or overcoming obstacles, it feels much closer to the real world. Call of Duty Mobile has always been inspired by World War scenarios and storylines, and the graphics play an important role in making players believe they are part of a critical mission.

PUBG has done a great job in world building, and it’s amazing. However, Call of Duty Mobile wins this round.

We also tested both games on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and here are the results. Here PUBG provides a smooth experience in HD graphics and high frame rate.

There are no shadows or trees that look like paintings here. Choosing Smooth gives you better graphics with more detail in structures.

Moving on to CoD Mobile, you get several graphics and frame rate options to choose from. Here is the default value that the game automatically chose.

The graphics are set to a high value. In my experience, letting the game choose the option in your smartphone’s settings is a safe bet.

Performance-wise, even a budget Note 5 Pro handled the two games well, albeit with some compromise on graphics. There was no lag, and CoD Mobile had better graphics on both budget and high-end smartphones.

Boosting the frame rate and graphics will hurt the gaming experience with visible lag. That ruins the gaming experience completely.


PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile offer the same control layout with options for many customizations. One key difference is that in Call of Duty Mobile, you can choose to fire bullets automatically when you point the reticle at the target. That’s too easy and not fun at all, but very newbie friendly.

Bullets fly differently in both PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. In PUBG, you can use any weapon and hit targets from a distance, which doesn’t work in the real world or in Call of Duty Mobile. In the latter, you’ll need a sniper to hit long-range targets. Otherwise, bullets will fall before they hit.

However, you can use a weapon like UZI or UMP9 to hit targets more than 500 meters away in PUBG. In short, weapons and the bullets fired through them have a range, and you have to take that into account. It makes GamePlay more realistic and resilient. This feature will be more evident in the real battle mode. Other modes have maps that are too small to have any effect on bullet range.

Shooting from the hip will be a deadly mistake in Call of Duty Mobile. You need a compensator. While PUBG also has that option, it’s not required as much when shooting at close range. You can even set how your avatar will hold different weapons in Call of Duty Mobile, such as point down for snipers while hip grip for shotguns. Call of Duty Mobile has many more options to customize the way you play in different scenarios.

3. Game modes

Starting with PUBG, there is battle royale, which is the most popular format. Around 100 players will parachute onto an island and scrap whatever they can find, four maps to choose from, and fight to survive. There’s an EvoGround map for zombie lovers. And then there’s Arcade mode, where the number is reduced to 28 players.

The maps are also smaller and weapons are limited. There is no time to loot. Intense and fast. Within Arcade, there is a War mode where again, 100 players land but in a confined area. It’s annoying when you jump out of the plane every time you spawn.

In Call of Duty Mobile, there is Multiplayer and Battleground. In Multiplayer, Frontline and Deathmatch are team matches where you play on a small map in a 5 vs. 5 scenario. The only difference is that in the latter, you don’t spawn again. Two new modes are Domination and Search and Destroy. In Domination, you will need to capture key points on the map. In Search and Destroy, you need to detonate a location on the map or kill all your opponents.

You can also call in an air strike to drop bombs on your opponents if you have enough strength – that means level and points. >

4. Launch

Call of Duty Mobile has a lot of memories. For example, iconic characters like John Price, Dave Mason and Ghost are back. You can choose your favorite hero. Popular maps like Tunisia and the shooting range are also back.

And finally, game modes like Search and Destroy and Dominate are everyone’s favorite. There’s a lot of fan service, and Activision had plenty of time to study their competitors and tap into their rich history before finding a winning formula.

5. Battlefield

Probably the most popular format right now in the mobile gaming scene. The controls remain the same, but in Call of Duty Mobile, you can change your perspective from FPP to TPP on the fly. Each team member can choose a special power known as an Ability. You can be a medic to heal other players, a ninja with stealth moves, a mechanic with AR and drones, and a defender to reinforce a shield to protect the team in case of heavy fire.

That gives everyone a unique personality and allows for more meaningful and deeper gameplay.

PUBG doesn’t have these features, but you can play together as a team. There are no special roles or team leaders that make the call. Anyone can be a medic depending on the situation and the items in your bag. However, you have no special skills.

Vehicles in Cod Mobile are more military, while in PUBG, you can take a scooter, buggy, military jeep, or even a tractor to race. A more casual approach, in my opinion.

Judgment Day

PUBG Mobile is an excellent battle royale game, but Call of Duty Mobile offers enhanced graphics and fun. The visual effects and textures are rich, the maps are detailed, the gameplay is more realistic, and the characters are iconic and have more personality. No wonder I found half my friends on it on day one.

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