None of us would have believed that there would come a day when we would hold wide glass panels in our hands that would connect us to each other and help us talk with others from all over the world, some of us might think that all smartphones today are similar to each other and they are, Especially if we try to exclude foldable smartphones from our conversation, but if we try to go back in time a little bit, we will find many amazing smartphones that would have been better not launched at all because they not only failed miserably but also caused harsh criticism For its makers, even the likes of Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson and many others have unleashed their imaginations and introduced wonder phones in the consumer market that have never received any attention from the consumer and yet they have gained a reputation for being just 'weird and weird' either In terms of appearance or general appearance or in terms of specifications, if you do not believe me, then allow me to take you with me on a quick tour through which I introduce you to the 10 strangest phones launched in the world.

The 10 strangest smartphones on the planet

هاتف Pepsi P1

1. Pepsi P1 phone

Believe it or not, this is not just an advertisement for Pepsi, but it is actually a smart Pepsi phone. We do not know exactly what motivated the company to turn its business direction to the smart phone market. Believe me, if I told you that the phone is not as bad as it seems, especially since its price is very cheap, it did not exceed $100 USD, but regardless of its very modest specifications, the negative aspects of the phone are many. First of all, the size of the phone is strange, its diameter is wide and it is difficult to handle it with one hand, the screen has very thick and unacceptable bezels, a very old processor that can no longer keep up with contemporary uses at the time of its launch, very bad battery life despite the huge screen that will need you to charge it every now and then And the other, at that time, was not running Android 6, which is the Google system that all smartphones were coming with at that time.

هاتف kfc smart phone

2. kfc smart phone

KFC did not learn the harsh lesson of Pepsi, in fact, she may have been jealous and said to herself, “Why don't I introduce a smartphone that everyone who loves our grilled and fried food will buy?” But unfortunately, you can say that the company fell into the same miserable hole that the company fell into. Pepsi before, although the phone is very cheap, it is also very ugly. It seems that the company did not manufacture it, but rather cooked it according to its nature, so the phone did not work in any way. Some bought it abroad and were very satisfied with the performance of the phone, its specifications and its wide screen, even if it was very slow in touch response, but its cheap price was a bargain by all standards. But despite this, many of us still consider it one of the strangest smartphones that we have seen throughout history.

هاتف Samsung P300

3. Samsung P300

None of us imagined that Samsung, the leading technology and technology sector, was planning to launch a phone that looks like a calculator, but do you know what's strange about it? The strange thing is that the company has introduced many wonderful smartphones before him in terms of appearance, shape, design and specifications, so why did the company decide to defile its hands in an ugly design in this way? This is the question. Perhaps you tried to satisfy the people with strange tastes, but the phone was very bad and makes you feel like you are holding a calculator in your hand. by reviewers and completely fails to win the approval of many fans with the name of the leading brand.

هاتف C91 Golden-Buddha Phone

4. C91 Golden-Buddha Phone

This phone that appeared out of nowhere in 2009 had a high-end gold look and a foldable clamshell design with a swastika similar to the Nazi logo and had a luxurious design as a symbol of divinity and spirituality, in fact we don't know yet who is the company behind the C91 Golden- Buddha Phone but you will feel That the phone bears the appearance of the history and civilization of China and India in its form, I do not know if the manufacturer of it is a Chinese, Indian or even American company, but the only thing we are sure of is that it is a very strange phone in terms of shape and design. You will feel like you are holding a shell in your hand, but looking at the year in which the phone was launched, which is the year 2009, smartphones did not reach their golden age yet, and there was only Apple and Samsung, so the C91 gave us a suitable 2-inch screen, 1.3 megapixel camera and supports Dual SIM Which was a great feature at the time, so even though it was a totally weird phone, it wasn't bad in terms of specs.

هاتف Haier P7

5. Haier P7

Back in 2004 we found the luxury Haier P7 more similar to our TV's remote control. The phone has a very thin screen that can barely show the number or name of the caller and has a 0.3 megapixel camera which of course was not good Enough to take pictures. Although the phone is very strange in terms of appearance and pointed design that makes you feel like you are holding a dagger in your hands, it was very practical and many people already used it and were satisfied with its performance, this amazing phone had a battery capable of working for 6 days continuously without Who then could have turned down a great feature like that?

هاتف Samsung Matrix

6. Samsung Matrix phone

Do you remember Keanu Reeves' Matrix movie series? You sure remember it, Samsung tried to release the Matrix phone in conjunction with that movie series in 2003 where the phone was designed to look like the phone we saw in The Matrix Reloaded and it was aimed at people who have a hobby and love of collecting valuables and not just for calling and calling telephony. Unfortunately, the phone was devoid of any features to the extent that it lacked some basic features and was devoid of the ability to play Mp3 audio clips and as such it was not suitable for daily routine use and of course since it is devoid of Mp3 playback, it will also be devoid of the ability to play video and cannot open a browser Internet, it was a terribly awful phone but there are those who were satisfied with it and bought it.

هاتف Virgin Mobile Lobster

7. Virgin Mobile Lobster

It's 2006 when Virgin gave us the Mobile Lobster and you could say it was a top-notch TV phone in the sense that you were able to literally watch TV on this small screen and although that's very normal nowadays it was 2006.” Like a bomb, it was easy to watch terrestrial TV outside at the time on the phone on the go. The only downside to the phone was that it had weak signal and was a bit weird looking but nonetheless preferred it over all other phones.

هاتف Motorola StarTac Rainbow

8. Motorola StarTac Rainbow

This phone is from the nineties of the last century, can you believe it? Motorola at that time was the only leading company in the mobile phone industry, and at that time it was very rare to find mobile networks in Arab countries and regions, but there were networks in the United States of America and for this reason Motorola decided to launch the rainbow colored StarTac phone and it was an expensive phone Very cost-effective, but it had a huge reputation and was admired by many users who love its vibrant colors. But many reviewers considered it a strange and strange phone that is not suitable for daily routine use, and although it was a very luxurious thing, all companies decided to stay away from an idea such as that in the design of modern smartphones because it is a completely strange idea and will not satisfy the reviewers.

هاتف Nokia 7280

9. Nokia 7280

The Nokia 7280 phone seemed like a piece or a masterpiece coming to us from the distant future, perhaps the idea of Star Trek took over Nokia when it made the decision to build this phone, the phone is inevitably strange but it caught the attention and won the admiration of many users from all over the world. The phone was designed to be the epitome of elegance and luxury and was priced at a very high price and is aimed at high-end users, businessmen and high net worth individuals who have a hobby, desire and love of collecting things more than just using them in their daily lives. The phone screen was also working as a mirror, which is strange but true. Some people saw the phone as very comfortable and convenient to use, but no one can deny that it focused heavily on the look and feel factor.

هاتف Nokia 7700

10. Nokia 7700

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury, you must have experienced the Nokia 7700 phone and decided to buy it. The phone received attention that no phone had received before, whether from Nokia or others. Nokia at that time was making phones as if they were lathe on a lathe, it has a screen It supports color touch 3.5 inch with a resolution of 640 x 320 pixels but it was a very strange phone but at the same time it was very practical and much better compared to the Nokia N-Gage phone. Unfortunately, the phone was not fortunate, and the completion of its project was canceled in 2004 and it has not yet reached the hands of many users, but for those who carried it in their hands, they were completely satisfied with the experience it provided for them for daily use thanks to its large screen at that time, but the phone was and will remain One of the strangest phones introduced by Nokia in the mobile phone market.