Mortar Rifle Pack Mortar rifle with zombie and snake skin; The Easter Egg and Zombie Bunny are leg charms for all weapons.

Zombie Charm Pack Zombie Armor Charms, Rookie Zombie Head, Zombie Shark Tooth and Zombie Chariot Heart Charms for any weapon. Zombie Gentleman Dress Uniform Gentleman Character Officer skin version of the Undead Pilot Character; two amulets for all weapons. Zombie Eye, Smart Meat, Iron Pentagram and Horror Puppet Head for all weapons. A zombie cover for a weapon. Applies to all weapons in the base game. M1895 Rifle Bundle Repeater with Strange Brigade and Blue Jade skins Jade cat and cowboy hat pendants for any weapon. FG-42 Automatic Rifle FG-42 Automatic Rifle with Fallschirmjager camo and black leather; Fallschirmjager helmet and Iron Cross pendants for all weapons.

Pack of PPSh submachine gun PPSh-41 submachine gun with hammer and sickle skin and matryoshka doll; Pendants “Red Star” and “Russian Doll” for all weapons. Classic Boris Costume Classic Boris costume from the zombie army trilogy with Soviet Pilot and Soviet Helmet headgear options. Sports pendants for baseball, ice hockey puck, American football and basketball for all weapons.