Would you like the home screen of your Android smartphone to look like no other? But a protection system prevents you from changing the interface of your phone. Don’t panic, Prodigemobile’s editorial staff explains you how to unlock the layout of your smartphone’s home screen.

Two tips to unlock a home screen

Looking for different solutions to beautify your phone’s home page? Can’t stand that old monotonous wallpaper and would like to adapt your Android interface to your habits and needs?

Beware, some manufacturers block the layout of icons and widgets on the Android desktop by default. In concrete terms this means that you can no longer place your app shortcuts where you want. As a reminder, this feature was put in place to prevent the accidental addition, removal or deletion of icons.

But rest assured that it is possible to disable this protection tool. Android smartphones may be a bit more complex to use than they were a few years ago, but they offer a higher degree of customization.

Unlocking the icon layout on a Samsung smartphone

Samsung phones are very popular with consumers. Like all Android devices, they offer many customization options. Before you start transforming your mobile, you will need to unlock the home screen layout.

  • Go to the home page of your Samsung phone
  • Leave your finger pressed for a few seconds on an empty icon space until a pop-up menu appears
  • Click on the Settings option
  • Press the switch button to unlock the home screen layout

We spend a lot of time in front of our phones. So it becomes crucial for our productivity to have the best home screen layout possible. And this job is quite difficult.

Once you have finalized your interface, don’t forget to lock your home screen layout. It would be a real shame to lose everything because of an accidental finger movement on your phone’s screen.

You can then customize your phone’s interface as you wish. Be careful not to add too many widgets to your phone’s home screen. These small programs (weather application, Facebook, Twitter etc..) run permanently in the background and may drain the battery faster.

Manage the layout of the home screen on a Huawei phone

You’re tired of all these icons cluttering the home screen of your Huawei smartphone. You want to see it more clearly. But before moving icons from the Android desktop, you will certainly need to change the layout pattern of the home screen.

  • Make a pinching motion (with two fingers) on the home screen of your Huawei mobile
  • Select the option Home screen settings
  • Disable the option Lock layout

Now all you have to do is long press the icon of your choice and place it where you want. To save space, you can also create folders (games, work, social networks etc.. ) in which you will place your different icons.

Unlock the screen layout from the settings

The screen lock features are available on almost all Android devices. There are different methods to unlock the screen layout on Android. For example, you can go through your smartphone’s settings.

  • Click on the cogwheel icon to open Android’s settings
  • Select the Home screen or Display option depending on the phone modelModifier les paramètres permettant d’organiser les icones
  • Look for the line labeled Lock screen layout

Once the option is enabled, your home screen layout will always stay the same. You can let your fingers roam over your phone screen without worrying about your desktop changing its appearance. No new icons will be added even after a new application is installed