Want to get your disabled account back, ineligible user on Facebook? Then you are in the right place. Yes, in this article I am going to share easy and good tricks to recover disabled Facebook account. Nowadays many Facebook users are facing this issue, as their Facebook account is automatically disabled by Facebook. There are many reasons for disabling a Facebook account.

There are a lot of fake accounts created by some people on Facebook, so Facebook has increased the security of the company and because of that many real accounts are disabled by Facebook. But don’t worry if you use your real name on Facebook and your account got disabled, you can recover your account easily by sending appeal to Facebook and if you don’t know that then you should read this article carefully in which I will share step by step how to recover disabled Facebook account and all types of disabling. {

The Facebook platform is getting smarter by the day. They update their policies weekly. So, you should be aware of both their terms and policies. If you break their rules, your account will definitely be banned. After disabling/banning your Facebook account, it is very difficult to recover it. There are a lot of methods that you can find on the Internet. But, as I mentioned above, Facebook is also getting smarter. So, most of the methods to recover disabled ineligible Facebook account are not working now.

Over the years, we at Al-Naqeeb Informatics have found solutions and tricks to recover disabled or hacked Facebook accounts, and we have published dozens of videos on our YouTube channel. Today, we have found a few ways that may get you back your Facebook account. I do not guarantee that this method will work for you and will reactivate your disabled account, it depends on the degree of violation you committed in your account and the type of your account disabled. But I have seen that most users recover their Facebook account using this method. So you should try these methods shared below at least once and you may get your account back ?.

Recover a disabled Facebook account used – ineligible

It is not an easy task to recover a disabled ineligible Facebook account, as a result of an explicit violation of the terms of service, which is sharing an image or pornographic content, which prevents the return of your account! We don’t want to be negative here as much as we share the best way to get your disabled account back ineligible but this fact remains.


Here are some simple requirements that you need to fulfill before trying the steps. Don’t worry, these are very simple, if you have a Facebook account, you can easily meet these requirements. Let’s check:

  • Disabled account ineligible
  • Full details related to your account (account email and phone number)
  • The original government-issued ID proof
  • Android device or PC
  • Small brain (I hope you have?)

If you can fulfill these requirements, you are ready to recover your account. Here are the complete steps on How to Recover a Disabled Unqualified Facebook Account. Let’s check out the tutorial you’ve been waiting for.

Steps to recover a disabled ineligible Facebook account

Here are some of the steps you need to follow to recover your disabled Facebook account. These are some basic steps that everyone can follow. So, don’t worry about it and try each step one by one. You can restore your account after trying these steps on your phone or computer.

1. First of all open the following URL in your browser: [ disabled – ineligible user ]

2. Now enter your details like name (your current account name), registered email, and attach a valid ID. A proof of identity that contains a name similar to your Facebook account.

The IDs supported by Facebook (Valid Identities):

  • the National card
  • passport
  • Voter ID card
  • green card
  • birth certificate
  • Vehicle insurance card
  • Personal card or car insurance
  • marriage document
  • and others

3. Now check your information again which you have mentioned correctly or not and at the end click on submit button.

4. The form has been successfully submitted for review and you will see a final message like this.

After completing the above steps, you have completed your work and must wait for a response from Facebook about the final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

I sent an appeal to Facebook When do I get a response from the Facebook team?

After sending the appeal to the Facebook team, you will get a response from support within 5-7 days. We do not guarantee that your account will be recovered after submitting an appeal to Facebook, but if your profile name and details are legal and you did not violate the terms of Facebook, your account will definitely be recovered within 5 days after submitting the appeal to Facebook.

Where can I get a response from Facebook?

Now I think this question pops up in your mind. You will get a reply from Facebook to the email address you registered with your account. You will get response from Facebook in 5-7 days so keep checking your mailbox in short interval.

How to recover a permanently disabled Facebook account?

If your account is permanently disabled, it is not possible to recover it. When you violate the Terms of Service, Facebook will permanently disable your account. In this case, you cannot recover your account. I will suggest you to create a new account on Facebook. Don’t waste your time trying to recover the account.

Always remember: Never try to submit the appeal again and again your account will never be recovered if you try to use Spam on Facebook. Just send the appeal once and wait for a response from Facebook. You will definitely get a response from Facebook within 5-7 days.

Warning !:- If you try to provide ‘wrong details’, wrong or more than once used id. Your account will be permanently banned by Facebook. So don’t try to scam them and attach a valid national ID and wait for a response from Facebook.

The bright side

This was today’s article on “How to Recover a Disabled – Unqualified Facebook Account”. This is a simple trick to recover your account. All you need is an original government ID. Proof of identity, your account details, and you can simply recover your disabled account. If your account is permanently disabled, do not attempt to appeal because you cannot recover a permanently disabled account. You need to provide proof of identity with some details and wait for a response. You will get a response from Facebook within 5-7 days and your account will be recovered. It’s not sure that your account will be recovered for sure but I hope you have one. In most cases, many users get their account, but some of them did not recover their account. If you have entered “All Details” and “Government Identity Proof” correctly, you will surely recover your account.

If you are facing any issue while filing the appeal or if you have any query related to this article, feel free to comment below I will do my best to help you recover your Facebook account and solve your problem. Keep visiting our website for more relevant tips and tricks.

In conclusion, we hope that this tutorial will help you to recover your disabled ineligible Facebook account. If it really helps, share it with your Facebook and G+ friends, and follow us on Facebook to keep up with our social media experts.