You try to call a friend, you send him messages several times a day but he never answers. You suspect that he has blocked your phone number and you would like to be sure. Here are three techniques to check if your contact has blocked your phone number.

Three tips to find out if someone has blocked you

You used to spend a lot of time with a friend, but for the past few weeks you have had the feeling that this person is avoiding you. She doesn’t answer your calls anymore and your text messages remain dead letter. As a result, you suspect that they have blocked your phone number.

There is nothing worse than feeling rejected by the person with whom you shared so much. In such a situation, the easiest thing to do would be to go and ask them directly. However, it is never easy to face the reality.

Although there is no 100% reliable method to find out if your phone number has been blocked, there are some signs that will help you find out. Let’s go through these different methods now.

Pay attention to the ringing numbers

Before we start, we need to understand how the number filtering system works on a smartphone. It’s actually quite simple. Your contact will enter your mobile number into a blacklist from the settings of his device.

Once this operation is saved, all your calls will be automatically redirected to the voicemail without your contact’s smartphone ringing (no call notification). The method to block unwanted SMS is the same.

Knowing that, you will now count the number of rings before your call is routed to your contact’s voicemail. If you only hear one ring or none, there is a good chance that your phone number is blacklisted.Quoi de plus énervant que de tomber en permanence sur le répondeur téléphonique

It is also possible that your friend’s phone is totally discharged, already online or that he is in a white zone without any mobile coverage (his operator’s network infrastructure is down). To be on the safe side, try again in a few days to see if you get the same result.

If on the other hand, you hear at least two rings, there is very little chance that you are blocked. But if the phenomenon is repeated often, it indicates that the person refuses to pick up the phone and prefers to ignore you. This is not necessarily good news.

Calling from another phone number

If you think your number has been blocked and you want to be sure, you can try calling that contact from another phone. For the operation to be successful, it is recommended to make the call at a time of day when your correspondent is likely to be able to answer.

Then take your Android smartphone and contact your correspondent. If you are immediately redirected to voicemail, ask a trusted friend to call him/her from his/her phone to remove any doubt.

If this is not possible, you can hide your number from your phone settings by following the procedure below.

  • Open the Phone application of your Android smartphone
  • Click on the icon in the shape of a telephone handset to manually dial the number
  • Type #31# followed by the number of your correspondent

In this way, your number will not appear on the screen of the smartphone of your correspondent. Then you have to count the number of rings before being directed to the messaging system. If by some miracle the person picks up, it means that your number has been blocked.

The conversation might be short. In the worst case scenario, you might even get hung up on. There is no need to call back. Don’t forget that repeated phone calls are considered as harassment. This offence is punishable by law. In case of complaint, telephone operators are obliged to communicate the identity of the caller.

Can you send an SMS to a blocked contact?

Android smartphones also have an SMS filtering system that allows you to block the reception of unsolicited messages. Its operation is not unlike that of phone calls.

Thus, once your phone number is blocked, all your SMS will be automatically routed to the SPAM box (also called unwanted message depending on the model of Android smartphone) of your correspondent. In concrete terms, this means that your contact will never receive your messages.

Problem is, the process is totally undetectable. On your side, your Android smartphone will indicate that the sending of the SMS was successful.