Some people like to watch movies and TV shows in 16:9 format, while others prefer the traditional 4:3 format. If you want to watch your content in 16:9 but your iPad is defaulting to 4:3, don’t worry – we can fix that!

In this article, we’ll show you how to change your iPad’s aspect ratio so that you can watch all of your content in 16:9.

How to get 16:9 on my iPad?

To get 16:9 on your iPad, go to Settings>Display & Brightness and change the View Format to “16:9.”

If you want videos to automatically play in 16:9 mode, open the Videos app and go to Settings>Automatic Video Playback. Change “Play in” to “16:9.”

How to change the aspect ratio on your iPad

So, you’ve just unboxed your shiny new iPad and are trying to figure out how to make it fit your screen ratio preferences. You’re not alone.

The good news is that it’s easy to change the aspect ratio on your iPad- all you need is a little know-how. Here’s how:

  1. First, open the Settings app and tap on “Display & Brightness.”
  2. Next, scroll down and tap on “View.”
  3. Now, select either “16:9” or “4:3.”
  4. Your iPad will now display everything in either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, depending on which option you selected.

How to make your iPad screen fit to your TV

So you’ve got a shiny new iPad and you want to watch your favorite shows on the big screen. The good news is that it’s actually really easy to do!

All you need is an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter and a HDMI cable. Simply plug the adapter into your iPad and the cable into your TV, and voilà! You’re ready to watch in full HD glory.

If you’re not sure which adapter or cable you need, our team is more than happy to help. Just give us a call or pop into one of our stores for some expert advice.

How to make your iPad screen look better on a projector

You can make your iPad look better on a projector by following a few simple steps.

First, go to Settings and tap on Display & Brightness. Then, drag the Brightness slider all the way to the right. This will make your screen brighter and help it look better when projected.

Next, go to Settings and tap on General. Scroll down and tap on Accessibility, then scroll down again and tap on Display Accommodations. Tap on Auto-Brightness and turn it off. This will stop your screen from dimming automatically when you project it.

Finally, go to Settings and tap on Video Output. Drag the Resolution slider all the way to the right to get the best possible picture when projecting your screen.

How to make your iPad screen look better on a computer monitor

When you’re looking at your iPad on a computer monitor, it’s likely that the screen will look different than when you view it on the iPad itself.

The first thing you can do is adjust the brightness and contrast on your iPad. This can help to minimize the contrast difference and make it look more natural on the computer screen.

If that’s not enough, you can also try turning on “Zoom” mode. This will make everything on your iPad screen larger, so it takes up more of the computer monitor. To turn on Zoom mode, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle “Zoom” to “On”.


It’s not difficult to get a 16:9 aspect ratio on your iPad. You just need to make a few changes to your settings. We’ll show you how to do it in this article.