The well-known layer of Xiaomi phones not only has many fans who are responsible for praising all the new features and functions of its software, but has also received different criticisms from many other users, as MIUI problems have been accumulating. As the latest versions of its layer have been arriving, there are a few who report having failures with the messaging application.

The main problem is that it is impossible to read the messages they receive, even those that have to do with two-step authentication. Although SMS are less and less used on a daily basis, authentication and communications with companies still arrive via this method. But is there a solution? The answer is yes.

What happens with SMS

These small errors are not usually very common in Xiaomi, which has a wide range of own apps, for example, the well-known security app of the Chinese brand that has different options. Due to this error related to the messages application, when we try to access one of them, the application closes completely and we can do nothing but report the problem.

If all fails we can always format the phone or wait for this problem to be solved and not spread as the famous error with alarms on Chinese phones. There are not few users who have reported the problem of MIUI through the forums of the brand, making it clear that they could not continue using the messaging app on their phones. However, before you are one of those users who have been affected by the failure of this application of Xiaomi, and you have decided to download an alternative app, the Chinese company itself has shown us the steps to follow that we must take into account and with which this failure will disappear forever on your smartphone.

The solution that gives us Xiaomi

What we must do to return our application to work as before is to get rid of that problematic update that is causing so many errors:

  1. We enter Settings and look for Installed applications.
  2. Within this extensive list, we will have to look for Messages.
  3. Once inside, we click on the uninstall updates option.

With these simple steps our application should return to work normally and without any problems. The Xiaomi team has already withdrawn this update and, therefore, even if we have configured automatic updates will not be updated again with this error. In the next updates, when the team of this manufacturer again send a version of the app that affects our mobile, we will have to follow the same steps, although we hope it is not something very common.

Still not working well?

If you still continue to have problems with the SMS app Xiaomi, the failure in your case may not be because of the update of this software. So we should try other methods with which we could end this mobile error.

Restart the phone

Although it may seem silly, this will be the most basic thing we can do on our own to solve different problems, not only with a particular app. The internal processes of the smartphone could have been ‘stuck’, causing the phone to malfunction in general. So, in these cases, it will be a good idea to reboot the Chinese terminal before moving on to the following solutions.

Check the SIM

If by any chance this problem with SMS on Xiaomi mobiles has arrived after you have changed the SIM or you have bought a new Chinese mobile, it is time to check if we have correctly inserted the card. It will be as simple as verifying that it is inserted correctly. Although, if you receive calls or have coverage on the smartphone, it will be enough to know if it is working properly. If it is not your case and it is well placed in the slot, you should try it in another phone that you have at home. If after all, it still does not go, we must call our operator to activate the SIM or send us another copy, since, most likely, is that it is disabled or you have arrived defective. In the worst case, the hardware that is responsible for reading it may have broken down. So we will only have to go to a technical service to have the device repaired.

Do you have enough space?

One of the reasons that not everyone takes into account is the memory of the terminal. As much as we think that it can not affect the SMS, the truth is that the problem of not receiving more messages is due to lack of space on your terminal. So if you receive a notification telling you that the Xiaomi messaging app can not send or receive SMS until more space is available, it will be time to delete all media files, documents and applications that no longer use the smartphone.

Reset the app

A simple quick reset of the Xiaomi application for SMS can solve the problem. To do this, it will be as easy as following these steps on your phone: Settings > tap on Apps > Manage apps > select the Chinese Messages tool > tap on the options Clear data and cache. In addition, we also recommend that you restart your device after this.

Try an alternative app

However, it is also likely that the Xiaomi Messages app will still crash when you have installed a new update that should fix this bug, or even, after reverting to a previous version. To rule out that it is a software bug or the phone itself, it will be best to download an alternative messaging app from the Google app store. There are different options, so you just have to find one that suits what you were looking for. For this reason, we leave the links to a few options for you to try on your Chinese mobile: