Are you the talkative type, and want to keep an eye on the duration of your calls? You should know that Android phones have a call history with detailed statistics of each of your calls. You will be able to know how much time you spend on the phone to the second.

Check the duration of your phone conversations

You live with your ear glued to your smartphone? Intensive cell phone use can have negative consequences on your health. Don’t forget to turn off your smartphone from time to time. Some studies have shown that too much exposure to electromagnetic waves can lead to serious illnesses.

It is therefore advisable to limit the use of your device and to regularly check the time spent on the phone. Today, most Android smartphones offer tools that allow you to know how long you use each application, including the phone function.

  • Launch the Phone application on your smartphone
  • Click on the Recents tab located at the very bottom of the window
  • Select in the list the number or the contact for which you want to know the duration of your last call
  • Once you put your finger on the phone number you will see a sub-menu with different icons
  • Click on the history sectionAfficher le détail de vos communications téléphoniques
  • You will see the complete list of calls made with this contact as well as the time you spent chattingVoir le détail de vos coups de fil téléphoniques

As a reminder, an arrow pointing down indicates that you have received the call The up arrow indicates that the call was made from your phone. The red arrow indicates a missed call.

Check the details of your calls from the customer area of your mobile operator

Many mobile plans offer unlimited calls and SMS. You will certainly be surprised to know how much time you spend on the phone. The easiest way to know the duration of your calls is to connect to your mobile operator’s customer area.

This will allow you to obtain the details of the calls made during the month. You will also be able to know the total duration of your calls but also the number of messages sent.

  • Launch your web browser
  • Go to the page of your mobile operator, in this example we will use the site of Orange:
  • Click on the Already a customer icon at the top right of the window
  • Press the login button
  • Enter your cell phone number and password
  • Go to the Orange home page
  • Click on the “Login” button
  • Click on the “Login” button
  • Click on the “Login” buttonyou on the home page of your Customer Area
  • Select the package for which you wish to obtain detailed statistics on your telephone consumption
  • Choose the option Consult your conso follow up
  • Search for the heading See the details of your communications
  • Click on the corresponding button
  • Then select Apple as the type of communication

The details of your communications will be displayed in the window of your web browser. You can change the reference period for which the data is collected if you wish. You can also download the details of your calls in PDF format