Spotify’s cache stores all sorts of data to make browsing the application easier. The problem is that the cache is often a source of problems. Slowdown, repeated bugs, we no longer count the number of people who have been forced to empty a cache that has become too large. Prodigemobile gives you some secrets to erase the information stored by the music application.

What is the purpose of Spotify’s cache?

As you may know, each Android application has its own cache system. This memory space is automatically allocated by the operating system and is used to store information that is regularly used by the application.

The cache makes browsing the application more fluid. The data is automatically loaded on the phone screen without the need to download it from the internet. Access to the cache is much faster than a broadband connection including 5G.

For example on Spotify, the music streaming application uses this cache to store artist files and some of your favorite songs. This way the songs will automatically start playing without waiting time.

The Spotify application manages its own cache. Once the memory limit is reached, it will delete the tracks you no longer listen to. There’s no point in keeping tracks that you never listen to. Here’s how to enable private listening on Spotify.

Why you should clean up Spotify’s cache

In general, you don’t have to worry about anything. Spotify’s app knows when to delete stale data. It’s set up to automatically clean up the cache and provide the easiest and most efficient user experience possible. It even knows how to hide certain songs from your playlist.

However, sometimes the system spontaneously goes haywire without you really knowing why (display bug, slowness etc..). In this case, it’s best to manually clear Spotify’s cache. This will free up space on your smartphone and speed up the music streaming service.

How to clear Spotify’s cache on Android

Your music player crashes? Can’t launch the songs you’ve previously downloaded? The application seems to take longer to display the different screens? Here is how to clean the cache.

  • Open the Spotify app on your Android smartphone
  • Click on the Settings icon
  • Then go to Storage
  • Click on the Other apps sectionAller dans la section Autres applications de la rubrique stockage d’Android
  • Search the list for the Spotify appClassement des applications en fonction de la taille de leur cache
  • Once located, click on the icon corresponding to the music streaming service
  • Press the Empty cache button
  • An alert will ask you to confirm your choice
  • Wait a few seconds, the time it takes for Android to erase all stored files

Keep in mind that the next time you use the application, it will have to download all the elements necessary for it to function properly. The loading of the different menus may take a little longer.

However, these slowness will be temporary. Once all the data has been recovered and stored in the cache, the application will return to normal operating speed. No need to worry about that