Clipping images requires a solid knowledge of photo editing software. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now possible to remove the background of an image or a video in a few clicks without downloading any software. Let’s see now how to crop a photo with the online service.

How artificial intelligence has totally revolutionized photo cropping

AI (artificial intelligence) has revolutionized the world we live in. Even if this technology is still very young, the progress made in recent years, especially in the field of image editing, has been very rapid. It has, for example, allowed computers to do operations that only human beings knew how to do before.

Remember in the not so distant past, to crop a photo, you needed a photo editing software like Adobe and to know how to handle the pen tool perfectly. I might as well tell you right away that this practice was reserved for a small caste of informed users, namely professional or semi-professional computer graphics designers.

Well, today artificial intelligence is capable of performing certain tasks better than human beings. Some programs are already able to identify the main subject of a photo and remove the background in a few seconds.

Online clipping service

If you have no skills in photo editing, why not turn to these programs using artificial intelligence. With them, you can now automatically perform a whole series of tasks on your photos.

Since the arrival of version 19.1, Photoshop offers the Select Subject tool specialized in clipping in one click. To use it, simply open an image and click on Select and Subject. The software will then choose the subject and automatically isolate the background., the tool that removes the background of your image for you

You don’t have the means or the desire to invest several hundred euros in a photo editing software? Prodigemobile has the solution for you. is an online image editor that specializes in online clipping.

Powered by artificial intelligence, this free tool will allow you to create small photo montages in a few seconds. It is currently the best on the market.

  • Open your web browser (Firefox, Chrome etc..)
  • Click on the Upload Image icon
  • Select in the hard drive of your computer or in the memory of your smartphone the image you want to cut
  • If the photo is on a website, click on the Paste image or URL button then copy the image address
  • The site will then automatically search for the main subject and delete everything around it
  • The tool then displays the result obtained as a previewApprendre à utiliser l’éditeur d’mage en ligne
  • Click on the blue Download button to retrieve the clipped file in PNG format

Beware, the free version of the site limits the export of images to a resolution of 500 pixels maximum. If you wish to obtain a better quality photo, you will have to buy credits. The tool also offers a background selection accessible by clicking on the Edit button