Here’s how to change or reset your Instagram password

Looking for how to change your Instagram password? Find out how it’s done in a matter of minutes.

Here’s how you can have and use two or more Instagram accounts on a single mobile

Instagram has become one of the most important social networks right now. Besides allowing you to stay in touch with all your friends and family, it also helps you save precious memories or boost any business you have in mind. For this very reason, we will explain how to change or reset your Instagram password. Privacy is key on this platform! Whether from your computer or from the app, changing or resetting your Instagram password is simple. After you find out how to do it, you will realize that there is no complication at all. How to have two or more Instagram accounts on one mobile( Change password from a web browserUndoubtedly, Instagram has become much more browser-friendly in recent years. anyone can change their Instagram password easily and quickly from the browser. much easier than in the app! Want to change your Instagram password from the browser? Then do the following.Contraseña Instagram Navegador Web

There you go! There you can set your new password in a matter of seconds. Just keep in mind that you will have to log in again with the new password on any device where you use your Instagram account. Have you noticed? This is a fairly simple process that anyone can do from a web browser.

Change password from an Android mobile or iPhone

If you want to change your Instagram password on your mobile, the process is a little longer. In the same way, you won’t lose much time when you are going to do it either. You just need to follow these steps: Cambiar Contraseña Instagram Android Iphone

  • Sign in to Instagram from the app.
  • Tap your avatar at the bottom right to open your profile.
  • Press the menu icon at the top right (or swipe to the right).
  • Tap Settings at the bottom of the menu.
  • Tap Security and then Password.
  • Enter your old password once and then enter your new password twice.

(Done! Changing Instagram password from an Android or an iPhone is quite easy when you have everything clear. However, we invite you to check out this article that explains the 7 steps to creating a perfect password. The more secure your mobile, the better. How to verify your Instagram account How to reset your password if you forgot it or got hackedRelax, you are not the only person who has tried to log in to this social network and realized they forgot their password. changing your password on Instagram if you forgot it is really easy. Why? Because it is quickly reset with your account name and email address. Olvidar Contraseña Instagram Another way to do it is to open the application and press Get Help on the login screen under the password field. There you will have to enter your email, username, or Facebook account if it is linked. Then just follow the instructions and in a few moments, you will have changed your password. Looking for more protection? Then take a look at these 23 applications to keep your mobile 100% secure. In addition, you could also check out this article that explains how to password-protect your Android phone. Security is synonymous with peace of mind.

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