Many WhatsApp users seek to find a way to enable them to create a WhatsApp account without a SIM, that is, they will not have to disclose their personal identity while activating WhatsApp, and this is for many reasons, including that their personal number has been blocked by WhatsApp, or that he does not want to Disclosing his number during conversations, so in this article we will explain to you how WhatsApp works without a number, so follow us.

How to activate WhatsApp without a number?

It is well known that WhatsApp cannot be created without a number. But what is meant here is that we will teach you how to work WhatsApp without using your personal number, that is, you will use a fake number through which you can activate WhatsApp. Not only that, but you can activate all social media accounts that require a confirmation number, including e-mail.

The question that comes to you now is where you will get a fake number, the answer is very simple, through many sites that provide you with this service, but we will now review the most prominent and best of these sites

It is a receive sms live site, follow us to get to know the site more.

Explanation of Receive SMS | The best site to give you an American number

The idea of ​​the site is to secure fake phone numbers through which you can receive verification codes and activate the accounts you want, and as we mentioned that the accounts are not limited to WhatsApp only, but all social media accounts that require a phone number to receive the verification code. If you want to know how to activate WhatsApp with an American number in detail, follow us to the end, as we will explain to you step by step.

The most prominent features of Receive SMS website:

Whatsapp number

Of course, there are many websites that offer users the feature of fake numbers. But this site is distinguished from others by many features, the most important of which are:

1- Completely Free: Through this site, you can do everything you want, completely free.

2- Reliable and secure: This site is considered one of the safe sites that thousands and thousands of people use without any problems.

3- Unlimited numbers: Through the site, you can receive an unlimited number of messages without any problems.

4- Numbers from multiple countries: The site provides fake numbers according to many countries, the most important of which are: America, Canada, Britain, Sweden, Puerto Rico, and many others.

5- Easy and simple to use: In the following paragraph, we will explain to you how to use the site to activate WhatsApp without a number.

How to activate WhatsApp with an American number through this site, receive sms

If you want to activate WhatsApp with an American number, you only need to follow these simple steps:

  • First, download and install the WhatsApp application on your device and open the application.
  • Now go to the Google search engine, type in the search box, and then enter the first result that appears in the search, then you will be on the site.
  • You will find in front of you many American, Canadian and other phone numbers, choose the number you want by pressing “view sms”
  • Enter the area code +1 for the United States of America, then the number you chose from the website on WhatsApp and press “Next”
  • WhatsApp will then ask you to enter the 6-digit verification code that was sent to the number you entered.
  • Now go back to the site, do a refresh of the site page or Refresh, and you will find that the verification code has already reached the number.
  • Copy the code from within the site and paste it in the 6-digit code box within your WhatsApp, and press “Verify”
  • Congratulations, you got WhatsApp with a US number.

Note: Whatever number you chose in order to activate WhatsApp without a number, do not forget to enter the area code from which you took the number. Here are the area codes:

  1. America: +1
  2. Britain: +44
  3. Canada: +1
  4. Sweden: +46

Can everyone use the numbers that appear within the site?

Yes, of course. But if you want to have your own US number to activate WhatsApp on it, register within the site by pressing the “register” button.

What is the benefit of US WhatsApp?

We previously mentioned that the reason behind using WhatsApp without a number, or US WhatsApp, is to maintain privacy during conversations. Or that someone’s number has been blocked by WhatsApp, and each of us has our own circumstances, but inevitably many of us in some situations are forced not to reveal our true identity on WhatsApp. So we explain this method to you.

We hope that the information we have provided to you will be useful. We learned together how an American WhatsApp works through a wonderful and free site. There is also a site similar to the idea of ​​this site, which is receive sms online, and in conclusion, do not forget to follow ComputerG constantly to get the latest technical news.