Text messaging, voice and video calls are one of the biggest blessings that technology has brought us. He calls the voice and the image of anyone wherever he is, and perhaps the most prominent of these applications, of all diversity and multiplicity, is the Imo application, which many Internet pioneers are looking for, which is an instant messaging service and free voice / video calls, this and we will dwell in this article by talking about this The program and we will talk about its features and features in addition to the shortcomings recorded on it. If you want to download imo and become familiar with all the merits of the application, you only need to follow this article to the end.

About the Imo app

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The imo program is known as a text messaging, voice and picture communication, and file exchange application. Drink among the many messaging apps like WhatsAap, Telegram, and Viber. Imo is one of the most popular messaging and communication apps. It unites under its umbrella many features, starting with video calls and ending with sending pictures and files regardless of their size and number, and passing through that the application works to save data significantly. It consumes little and gives a lot, in other words, it requires no more work on it than a network with a speed of 2G. In addition to that, although it consumes little data, it is of high quality. Text messaging is fast and instant, and voice and video calls are real and are not subjected to interruption. And given the amount of savings that the application carries with it, many companies and countries, perhaps the most prominent of which are the Gulf countries, have worked to stop it due to the size of the losses they incurred due to the public’s demand for it.

imo features

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  • The ability to share different photos and videos with a lot of people and contacts, thus saving time and effort
  • The application includes a wide range of stickers and emoji, which reflect your feeling and condition during conversation and conversation and adopt a lot of psychological and emotional states.
  • Ease of smooth messaging and making calls with anyone who owns the application
  • The application ensures the privacy of your calls that you make, through the possibility of blocking these calls, thus avoiding any hacking and spying attempt.
  • High speed, as it leads the group and ranks first in terms of messaging speed, thanks to the fact that it does not need a high-speed internet.
  • It saves data, and therefore is suitable for owners of limited internet packages
  • Possibility to chat with more than one person at the same time
  • Supports Arabic language
  • Its size is only 40 MB, so it will not burden the device’s memory
  • It works on Android, iOS and computer systems
  • Through the imo program, you can add a story similar to the one in WhatsApp, and thus you can share your happy moments with friends
  • It can send files up to 10G. It is very large in size compared to other applications
  • The application allows you to create a group that includes a number of people to exchange conversations and common interests
  • The ability to modify the personal account and add a photo and a CV

Cons of IMO App

  • One of the software’s main drawbacks is its lack of encryption that many communication apps boast about.
  • The application enables you to inform some other means of communication of your information
  • One of the problems that users of this app are complaining about is that it drains the battery. It consumes a lot of energy
  • You will not be able to invite your friends to try the application through an invite link. This part is not taken into account by the designers of the application3
  • The app cannot determine your location through GPS, so you will not be able to share your location with a contact. It is worth noting that this important feature is provided by many communication applications such as WhatsApp.

Create an account on IMO

To download imo and create an account on it, follow the steps below, respectively:

  1. Download the application from the link that we will provide in this article
  2. Install the application on your mobile phone, then open the application
  3. The program asks you to enter your personal number to access the program. After entering your number, it sends an activation code to your device.
  4. Enter the activation code, then enter your personal data such as your name, age and photo. Then press the right sign, to go to the main program area
  5. Enjoy connecting with your friends

How to make a conference call

  • Head over to the chat option that the app offers in its main menu
  • And click on the option to make a group call
  • Then work on selecting and selecting the friends that you will make the call with, by clicking on the profile of each contact individually

Block contacts

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This application enables you to block contacts that cause you annoyance and transfer them to the black box, and therefore their inability to message you and disturb you. You will find a way to do that through the following:

  • Tap on the profile of the contact you want to block continuously for a short while. A list of several options will appear
  • Tap on the Contact Profile option
  • Then finally choose Delete Contact.

Restore blocked contacts

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In a process opposite to the previous one, if you want to unblock one of the contacts who have already been subject to the ban penalty. Follow these steps:

  • Look at the bottom left of the screen, you will see a tab. Click on the tab, a list of several options will appear
  • Then go to the Blocked contacts option. A list of the contacts you have previously blocked will appear to you, and each name is attached to the phrase Unblocking
  • Tap Unblock, then tap Confirm

Program download link:

Download for Android Download for iPhone