edraak is one of the most important online learning sites in the Arab world. It is an open source education platform in the Arabic language. Through it, you can easily access and register for many free educational courses. The courses vary between science, languages, literature, business, leadership, health, nutrition, employment skills and technology. Self-development and many more.

The edraak website offers its training courses in partnership with edx, which is one of the most famous educational platforms in the world, which has partnerships with Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other prestigious universities. from your resume.

What is the edraak awareness site?


“We launched Edraak in order to realize what we have missed, and realize the future that befits us, our history, and with a message sent to us, I began to read.” This is the slogan of Edraak, which was founded in 2013 at the initiative of the Queen Rania Al Abdullah Foundation for Education and Development with the aim of providing free, high-quality educational courses that improve the lives of individuals In the field of education in the Arab world, where the site is keen to provide international training courses translated into Arabic.

Edraak works in cooperation with the EDEX platform of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to provide free global training courses for all Arabic speakers, and certificates of course completion can be obtained online without any fees.

The site is keen to enrich the educational content in the Arabic language on the Internet by encouraging Arabic-speaking experts from all fields to share their experiences with learners by creating content for the training courses in a professional manner and putting it on the platform.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, is considered the first founding partner of Edraak, since Edraak was still just an idea that the Crown Prince initiated in his support, with the aim of realizing the importance of education for young people in the Arab world.

There are a number of sponsors of the site, the most important of which is the Mikati Foundation, which is an international non-profit organization founded by the brothers Taha and Najib Mikati and aims to improve living opportunities and encourage education, especially in the Arab and African world. The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development is one of the most important sponsors of the site, a foundation Arab regional finance aims to finance projects that serve the Arab world.

What are the advantages of the site cognition?

  • Providing all training courses for free.
  • Providing the most important international courses in Arabic.
  • Possibility to attend training lectures at any time.
  • Engage in discussions with your colleagues and the teaching staff.
  • Provide tests and assignments during the course to ensure understanding of the content.
  • The ability to issue a certificate after completion of the course.
  • Relying on international experts and experts from the Arab world to develop the training content.
  • Providing courses in a variety of fields.
  • Attention to developing personal skills.
  • The ability to watch lectures on the application or download them to watch at a later time.

What are the learning sections on the Edraak website?

The site is divided into two main sections, which are continuous learning and school learning:

  • Continuous Learning: Through this section, edraak provides free, high-quality training courses in various fields for all Arabic-speaking learners, and the courses vary between developing personal skills and skills for the labor market.
  • School Learning: Through this section, Edraak provides free educational content parallel to the curricula from kindergarten to grade 12. This section has been dedicated to school students, teachers and parents to provide support and advice to parents to help their children in their educational life.

What is the importance of the school learning section on the Edraak website?

edraak was keen to pay attention not only to Arab youth in the post-university stage and prepare for the labor market, but also, in cooperation with Google.org and Jack Ma foundation, edraak established a section aimed at combining technology and educational content for school students in the Arab world by providing materials Free, high-quality educational materials that simulate the educational materials offered in schools.

The goal of Edraak from the School Learning Department stems from the fact that the education that is provided to the children of the Arab world over a 12-year period is a journey worthy of their childhood and worth their time, and not only that, but it begins with planting the seeds of a love of learning within them.

The School Learning Department provides the advantage of educating students by providing curricula in an interactive and simplified manner, in addition to helping parents develop their children’s skills and monitoring their progress, in addition to helping teachers develop explanations by creating virtual classes using various technological techniques.

What are the best specializations on Edraak's Continuing Learning section?

  • the sciences
  • Languages and Literatures
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Employment skills
  • art and media
  • design and architecture
  • Education and teacher training
  • Self development
  • technology
  • Humanities

What are the best online courses in Edraak?

Edraak provides a large number of online training courses in Arabic, the most important of which are:

About the Excel course: from zero to professional

The course duration is 24 weeks, and this course consists of 6 basic courses: Excel functions and tricks, Excel programming using VBA, Excel Dashboards, data analysis using Excel, and spreadsheets in Excel. And advanced skills in Excel, and the content is explained by Muhammad Rajeh Abdullah, an Excel trainer since 2003 and a data analysis consultant in a number of companies, the most important of which is SANOFI.

In this specialization, you will be able to gain many experiences, the most important of which are:

  • Learn Excel from scratch with the ability to build and develop reports.
  • Learn about the advantages of Excel.
  • Learn the subtleties and tricks of advanced Excel.
  • Analyze data in Excel to support decision-making using (Add-Ins).
  • The ability to build a professional dashboard and import and integrate data from different sources.

How to create an account on the site edrac?

You can enter the home page of the site and click on the option to register and then fill in the necessary data and you can create an account on the site either by e-mail to Google or through your Facebook account.

Does Edraak provide certificates for the courses?

After completing the course completely, the trainee can obtain a certificate for free without fees by clicking on the word certificates on the trainee's information page.

How can you follow the course content on Edraak?

The site provides the ability to follow the course content through the official website or through the application available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and you can watch the videos directly through the site or application with the ability to download and watch them at the convenient time for you.