Despite the many features that TVs offer us today, using them has become a difficult process. Especially if this process of use is compared with the use of a mobile device such as a mobile phone or computer. Therefore, many users resort to downloading applications and programs that enable them to watch live broadcasts of TV channels on mobile devices, especially mobile devices. But because there are so many applications and programs that allow you to do this, it is difficult for you as a user to pick the right one for you. So, in today’s article, we will talk about how to download Yassin TV application, which is the perfect application for every user who wants to broadcast live TV channels.

If you want to learn about the features and characteristics of this wonderful application and how to download it to different mobile devices, you only need to continue reading this article with us until the end.

Download the Yassin TV app

Download the Yassin TV app

If you are a person who loves to watch TV and the satellite channels on it, but you find it difficult to sit for long periods in front of the TV, or you cannot watch TV at work or in the office, you can use the Yassin TV application. This amazing application allows you to do a live broadcast of different TV channels on your mobile phone. Although there are a lot of different applications and programs that allow you to do this, Yassin TV is one of the best among them. This is because it has a lot of cool and useful features that you cannot find in any other competitor app.

Continue reading the following paragraphs to get to know this application better. Where we will talk about its characteristics, the most prominent and most important features that it offers to users, in addition to how to download the Yassin TV application for mobile devices of various types.

Download Yassin TV App: App Features

  • App Name: Yassin TV
  • The latest version of the app: Yacine TV V3
  • Working system: Android devices
  • How the application works: Live broadcast of TV channels on mobile devices
  • App Size: Approx 8 MB
  • The application is compatible with: Android 4.0 or higher systems
  • Application License: Free

The most prominent and important features of the Yacine TV application

Download the Yassin TV app

As we mentioned to you at the beginning of the article, Yassin TV is one of the most used and popular live TV broadcasting apps and programs ever. Especially among users of Android mobile devices. The main reason for this is that this wonderful application has many features and services that facilitate the process of watching satellite channels on mobile, and make it a smooth, fast and simple process as well. Among the most prominent of these features:

1- The unique interface of the application

Like most of the applications and programs dedicated to broadcasting live TV channels on mobile phones, this Yassin TV application comes with a simple and very practical interface at the same time. Any user, expert or novice, can work on this application and use its many features. In addition, the distinctive interface of the application provides you with elegant and simple colors and many tools that facilitate the process of using the program and dealing with the channels on it.

2- Many different satellite channels and channels

The Yassin TV application offers you a very large and varied amount of the most famous satellite and TV channels that you can follow directly on your mobile phone. Among them are encrypted channels that you cannot watch using a regular TV. This is in addition to the hugely popular sports channels. Thus, when you use this application, you can watch all the TV channels that you want to watch very easily. All you have to do is use your mobile phone.

3- The app is free and ad-free

As we mentioned to you earlier, you can find applications that are similar to the work of this application in terms of quality and services, but these applications are often paid. That is, you, as a user, must pay sums of money in order to use it and work on it. But it is worth mentioning here that the Yassin TV application is completely free. It also comes with an interface free from annoying ads that you can find in other free apps.

4- Other additional features

  • This application is considered one of the most popular live broadcasting applications in the Arab world. It has more than 5 million downloads
  • Yassin TV has many positive reviews from users, so it is considered a reliable and reputable application
  • A very large and varied selection of different TV channels, including sports channels, encrypted channels, and the most famous Arab and international channels as well
  • The ability to control the resolution of the content displayed on the device, where you can change the resolution between 144 pixels and 720 pixels
  • Yassin TV application works using a weak internet connection, so you can use this wonderful application anytime and anywhere too
  • The Yassin TV application is also distinguished by the fact that its live broadcast does not have any interruption, suspension or image distortion, despite the change in the speed of the Internet used to run the application
  • The application is completely free, and does not need to pay monthly or yearly financial fees in order to be able to work on it or use the channels in it
  • More than 250 different channels that you can watch quickly and easily through your mobile only
  • The application also contains a unique and wonderful media player that you can use to play photos, videos and songs on your mobile phone
  • With this application, you can follow encrypted sports channels that are not available on regular TVs
  • The application also gives notifications about World Cup matches
  • The small size of the application makes it one of the applications that can work on any electronic device, new or old
  • You can run the application on computers, by using an Android emulator on the device
  • The app is free from annoying ads that you can find in other similar and competing free apps
  • In addition to many other features that you can discover and try for yourself

Download Yacine TV App

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the most prominent features and features of the application, you only need to click on the download button in order to be able to download the Yassin TV application on your mobile phone. Note that the application currently only works on Android devices version 4.0 or higher. But the manufacturer promised that it will soon release a dedicated version for iOS devices.

Download for Android

This was our complete article on how to download Yassin TV Mobile App. We also talked about the most prominent features and characteristics of this application.