Cashback has gradually become a common practice in France, allowing you to earn commissions with each card purchase in a store or on the Internet. We explain how it all works and which are the best banks and applications to take advantage of it.

When opening an account in an online bank or a neobank or simply via some advertising campaigns, you have probably already come across the term “. Translated literally from English, it means “cash back”. Originally, this principle was a way to get money via a card purchase at a merchant. Today, it has become a major business argument allowing holders of a compatible bank card to get back a percentage of the amount they spend with it.

If this feature was initially reserved for credit cards, cashback programs are now also present via certain debit cards, which are the most widespread bank cards in France. But it is especially on the side of the applications that the phenomenon has developed these last years and the business around it does not cease growing.

It’s even possible to directly search for a Hotel or rent a car from the app and get the corresponding. Even Instagram gets in on the action as Prime accounts can unlock up to 20% off a selection of services and brands simply by promoting them on the social network. Clearly, we have rarely seen a neobank bet so much on this aspect.

iGraal is undoubtedly one of the leading cashback sites. The platform has more than 3,200 partner merchants including Fnac, Darty, Cdiscount and Booking. The advantage of the application is that it offers regular alerts on the products on which you are positioned to be sure not to miss a deal and why not make nice savings. You can also activate and print discount coupons to provide in store. The purchase is done directly via iGraal with a disconcerting ease. This is one of our main recommendations.


eBuyClub is the direct competitor of iGraal. It is also one of the pioneers of the genre, since it was created more than 20 years ago. Today, the site gathers more than 4000 partner shops, which is the biggest panel of online stores. The principle remains the same, once you have chosen your brand, you are automatically redirected to the site in question and once the purchase is made, the kitty is automatically filled up on your eBuyClub account. We cover big brands like La Redoute, Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount, Darty, Carrefour, Asos, Shein, Booking, Etsy or Yves Rocher. The application also includes a map with GPS tracking to find compatible stores nearby.


The latest alternative is Poulpeo. Created in 2009, it reimburses up to 200,000 euros in total to its followers every month. It must be said that the reimbursement rates are often very attractive on the 1800 or so partner stores. The platform is available via its website as well as via the application. Notable brands include Burger King, Franprix, Bolt, Nike and Groupon.