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available on the Orange website will give you an estimate of the cost of cancellation.

What are the cancellation fees for an Orange mobile plan with smartphone?

You want to cancel your mobile plan contracted with a smartphone via a payment facility and therefore with a commitment period of 24 months. In this case, the cancellation of the line or the change of offer to an ineligible offer gives rise to the payment of the entire remaining monthly instalments in advance.

For example, in the case of a subscription to a 70 GB + smartphone package, you must pay the remaining amount due for the smartphone in addition to the rest of the package.

customer space in the help and contacts section.

From the customer space, after having filled in your connection identifiers, go to this address to cancel your Livebox contract in full. If you choose to cancel by phone, an advisor will tell you the procedure to follow. He will then provide you with the postal address to which you should send your cancellation letter if you choose to do it via this channel.

Once the cancellation is validated, your line will be cut within 10 days of receipt of the letter.

What are the cancellation fees for a Livebox ?

Whether it is via an offer with or without commitment, Orange charges a fixed cancellation fee of up to 50 euros for an internet line.

If you have a subscription with a commitment and you wish to terminate it prematurely, you must pay the remaining monthly payments. You can obtain an estimate of the cost of this from the operator’s cancellation fee simulator.

How do I return my Livebox after cancellation?

After the operator has confirmed the cancellation, a letter or e-mail will be sent to you. This will include a return form for each piece of equipment, especially the router and TV box. You will have to prepare a package containing if possible the original box with all the equipment and accessories. The whole package must be sent to the address that appears on the Orange return label. Your parcel must then be delivered within 20 days to 3 months via La Poste or a parcel relay near your home.

If the commitment period is not yet over, cancellation fees are charged.

What are the fees to be paid in case of non-return of your Livebox?

In the event that the equipment requested by Orange is not returned to the operator within the requested timeframe and after potential reminders, Orange has the right to apply non-return fees. These fees may also be applied if the equipment is found to be in poor condition or is returned incomplete. Here are the fees for non-return of equipment:

  • Livebox 5/6: 100 euros
  • TV decoder: 49 euros (or conservation by Orange of the deposit according to your contract)
  • Multi-screen TV recorder: 100 euros
  • Airbox: 49 euros
  • Fiber optic box: 100 euros
  • TV key: 49 euros
  • Flybox 4G Plus: 100 euros
  • Wi-Fi repeater: 100 euros

How to find the last invoice after cancelling your mobile plan or Livebox?

You can access all the invoices of the last 12 months from the Espace Client Orange during 1 year, even after the cancellation of your line. The login and password remain unchanged if you have already connected to the Customer Area.

If even after this process, you are unable to access the last invoice, you can contact customer service by phone at 3900 so that an advisor can send it.

Sample cancellation letter Orange

To permanently cancel a mobile or Livebox package, without taking a new operator and thus permanently losing your mobile or fixed line number, here is the procedure to follow. The operator recommends contacting the assistance by chat or by phone, but the best method is to send a letter by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt (LRAR).

At Orange, here is the destination address for the letter:


Here is a short model of cancellation letter that it will be possible to send by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, once you have added the sender’s address, the destination address, the city and the date.

Subject: Request to cancel a mobile phone/Livebox subscription

Dear Sir or Madam,

By the present letter, I would like to ask you to take into account the present request to cancel my mobile phone/Livebox internet contract [numéro de contrat], for the mobile line number [numéro de ligne] In accordance with the general terms and conditions of sale, I would like to thank you for taking the appropriate measures to terminate the subscription contract between us.

I would like to ask you to delete from your files any information relating to my postal and bank details. In particular, I am opposed to any use of my personal details for commercial purposes or to their being made available to outside organizations (French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978).


Last name First name

If you are with another operator

If you are not subscribed to Orange, but you wish to cancel your subscription with another operator, we have published guides similar to this one.

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