Google Chrome is the most popular and widely used browser in the world, due to its many features with its availability for various devices, in addition to having a simple interface, and while some believe that the web browser is only limited to navigating between websites, there are many hidden Google Chrome features that Users have to take advantage of it.

Google Chrome browser appeared in 2008 to dominate web browsers because it has many features that the user needs. The browser may seem simple, but the features of Google Chrome are endless. If you want to discover the most important hidden features of Google Chrome and take advantage of them to enhance your time on the Internet, here are the most important Google Chrome hidden features that you must know.

What are the best features of Google Chrome that you should know

Open newly closed tabs

Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts can accomplish a lot of tasks for you, and one of the most important features of Google Chrome is that you can reopen the tabs that you closed recently, whether intentionally or unintentionally, by pressing Ctrl+Shift + T and you can repeat pressing those The buttons to open more and more recently closed tabs.

Mute annoying alerts and popups from websites

Mute Annoying Alerts and Popups from Websites in Google Chrome
Mute annoying sites

Many users resent the ads and videos that play automatically and affect the browsing experience negatively. One of the most important features of Google Chrome is that you can mute alerts and sound from those annoying sites, by clicking on the lock icon next to the site address, then choosing Site settings Settings, including choosing to block from the drop-down list in front of “alerts”, with the ability to block windows and pop-up ads by choosing disable in front of the Pop-ups and redirects option.

change google chrome look

google chrome features
Choose a color for the browser interface

You may not know, but one of the features of Google Chrome is that it comes with a customization tool with which you can change the appearance of the browser by setting an image as a background or choosing a specific color, by opening a new tab and then clicking on the Customize button at the bottom right, and then you can choose Image as wallpaper or set color from color gallery.

Find your passwords

The Google Chrome browser offers an important feature, which is searching for passwords, as the browser helps you remember the passwords for the different sites that you access through the browser by opening the Google Chrome settings menu, then choosing passwords, and a list will appear containing the passwords, username or URL You can click on the eye icon to view the password.

Switch between profiles

The Google Chrome browser helps you to switch between personal files easily, as you can create more than one profile on Windows, you can also create more than one profile on Google Chrome with different settings and passwords, which helps family members or co-workers to use more than one profile and switch between them through By clicking on the avatar in the top right.

Find tabs opened on another device

As long as you are logged into the same Google account when browsing websites from a different device, one of the most important features of Google Chrome is that it enables you to access those sites that you have browsed, for example when you open a specific website from your laptop at work, you can also access it while you At home, by opening the browser settings menu, then clicking on the History option, then clicking on the tabs from other devices to be able to see the full list.

Get a task manager

google chrome features
google chrome task manager

The Google Chrome browser contains a task manager such as Windows and Mac systems that is able to troubleshoot problems and close problem tabs, as well as the ability to identify sites that consume your device’s materials in general, and to access it, you can open the Chrome settings menu and then choose More Tools Then Task Manager.

View web pages on TV

Chrome browser provides the ability to send open tabs or the entire desktop to the Chromecast device through the use of Wi-Fi, and this feature is one of the best features of Google Chrome where you can share presentations easily, all you have to do is click on the Chrome menu button and then choose Submit to be able to choose the Chromecast device you want.

Send pages between different devices

You can send pages to other devices by right-clicking on the tab and selecting “Send to Your Devices.” Then a list will appear containing all your devices that you are logged into in Google Chrome, whether they are smartphones or computers, you have to choose what you want and then tap on the device you want to send the page to.

Enable reading mode

Google Chrome has a reader mode that helps you read texts on the screen, but it is not activated by default, but you have to activate it by opening a new tab, then typing chrome://flags in the address bar and activating the Reader Mode option, then locking the browser and opening it again and from Google Chrome main menu You can click on the Distill Page option to start reading the page you need.

Open a website on the phone with a response code

As we mentioned above, Google Chrome provides the feature to send open tabs to your different devices, but that needs to be signed in with a Google account, but you can still open sites on your phone without the need to register Google through the QR code, but it is available in some sites only It appears next to the URL and once you click on the QR code you will get the response code for the post.

You can open the QR code reader on your phone and then point the phone to the code available on the Google Chrome browser, and you can then open the website on your phone easily. The feature also allows you to create a QR code for any web page and print it so that others can browse it easily by scanning the code with the phone’s camera.

Use the built-in media controls

If you are listening to music on YouTube and want to play or pause the song you don't need to head to the same tab but Chrome has built-in media controls You can control the media in whatever tab you're on you just need to look for the little music icon next to the file icon Profile in the top bar of Google Chrome and when you click on it, buttons for media control, including pause, will appear.

Take advantage of the search box

Take advantage of the search box
google chrome search box

Google Chrome has a multi-use search box like the Google search bar where you can use it to solve math problems, answer questions and make various conversions between currencies very quickly and before you finish typing the search, so that conversions and calculations can be done directly from the address bar without opening any location.

Pin tabs

Some may need to deal with multiple tabs at once, so it is necessary to keep some of those tabs open and make sure that they are not accidentally locked and lost, so one of the most important features of Google Chrome is that you can pin your important tabs by using the Pin option and that Right-clicking on the tab and selecting Pin will turn the tab into a small icon on the left and if you close the browser window it will remain open and you can drag between tabs to rearrange them.

Automatic Live Captions

It is a feature that allows users to direct captions when playing a video or audio clip through various websites, whether YouTube or social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., and the Live Captions automatic text feature also supports displaying captions or direct text when listening to podcasts or stations. the radio.

Global Chrome browser users can activate the Live Captions feature now, through Settings and then “Accessibility” or “Accessibility”, and while the important feature for the hearing impaired and in noisy environments now supports the English language only, Google said that the feature will support more languages soon.

Group pages into Tab Groups

With the new Tab Groups feature, Chrome browser users can group open web pages together and name them with a custom name and color, with one simple click. Tab together, the user can move them together and rearrange them in the upper bar of the browser according to what suits him, which allows for a better organization of the open pages, so that pages for work, for example, can be grouped into a group.

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