Backup your iPhone content with Google One

Google One, the new online storage service from the American giant, offers to back up all your iPhone data (contacts, images, calendar, videos) for free up to 15GB. This offer is accompanied by the launch of a brand new iOS application to effectively manage its backups.

Backup your iPhone for free

Google has just announced that it was making available to its customers a new online storage management tool. From now on, any user of Google’s cloud service will be able to take advantage of 15 GB of free storage space to back up the contents of his or her smartphone.

Once this limit has been exceeded, it will be necessary to opt for one of the paid packages (1.99 euros per month for 100 GB, 2.99 euros for 200 GB, 9.99 for 2 TB). The packages are similar to those offered by Apple with its iCloud service.

If you are used to storing documents online, you certainly know that synchronization tools are very important. And Google has understood this very well. This new service offers an iOS-compatible application to make complete backups of your iPhone in a few seconds.

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With this application, you will be able to make a copy of all the data stored in your phone. This applies to photos and videos as well as to the backup of contacts or calendars. Once the application is configured, the backups will automatically run in the background in a completely transparent way for the user.

Configure the Google One storage management tool

Once reserved only for Android smartphone owners, the Google One backup management application has a version for iOS. This tool will allow you to schedule backups but also to organize or delete files stored on the various Google services (Gmail, Drive or Google Photos).

  • Download and install Google One on your iPhone
  • Launch the application on your smartphone
  • Log in to your Google account
  • Go to the home tab
  • Press the blue Backup Now button
  • Select the type of files you want to back up (multimedia files, messages)
  • You can if you want authorize Google One to backup your data using your mobile connection (4G or 5G plan)

In case of problem, you can restore your data directly from this application. To do so, you just have to click on the restore button located on the home page and select the type of files you want to recover.

The automatic content backup function for iPhone includes 15 GB of free storage. If you exceed this amount, you’ll have to reach for your wallet. For comparison, Apple offers 5 GB with its iCloud service.

The Google One application also includes a file manager. By clicking on the storage tab, you can browse through the files supported by the Google One application like Drive, Gmail or Google Photos.

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