Add Shazam button to iPhone control center

An application like Shazam, designed to identify the title of any song in a few seconds, must be available at any time. To avoid wasting your time scrolling through the home screen of your iPhone, we reveal today a trick to place a shortcut to Shazam in the iOS control center.

Add a quick access to Shazam on your phone

Is it still necessary to introduce the Shazam application. Launched in 2002, it quickly became very popular with smartphone owners as the very first music recognition service.

The application can recognize music, movies, commercials and even TV shows just by listening to a short sample of it via the phone’s microphone. The captured soundprint is then compared to the company’s huge music database.

Since 2017, Shazam is owned by Apple. Following this acquisition, the apple company has integrated the music recognition service into all its products. For example, it is already possible to find the title of a song using Siri.

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Create a shortcut to Shazam

With the arrival of iOS 14.2, Apple goes even further in terms of integration. The American firm now offers iPhone and iPad owners the possibility to launch the Shazam application directly from the control center by adding a shortcut icon.

  • Open your iPhone or iPad settings
  • Look for the Control Center section and click on it
  • Scroll down to the other controls section
  • You’ll find the song recognition option (blue icon)
  • Press the green icon on the left of the option
  • The mobile operating system of the iPhone will automatically place it in the included commands section
  • Go to the top of the window to check if the operation was successful
  • The Shazam shortcut icon is now active

Using the grey buttons (3 parallel lines) located on the right of each command you will be able to change the order in which the options are displayed in the Control Center. By default the iPhone displays first the flashlight function, followed by do not disturb, the calculator, the camera and the NFC tag reader.

Now, when identifying a piece of music, you will just have to open the control center (slide your finger down from the upper right corner on phones equipped with FaceID or scan from the bottom to the top of the screen for devices equipped with a home button) and press the Shazam icon.

The Shazam button lights up and flashes for a few seconds to let you know that the device is capturing a sample of the music via the microphone of your smartphone. Once the song is identified, a notification will appear at the top of the screen with the name of the song and the artist.

By clicking on the banner, you will be automatically redirected to the Shazam website. From this page, you will be able to listen to a preview of the song, read the lyrics and even add it to the Apple Music library.

Important detail, you don’t need to install the Shazam application to enjoy the music recognition system. It is available on all Apple devices running iOS 14.2 or higher

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