If you would like to learn about the most important services provided by the Canadian Medical Center Abu Dhabi, and if you want to know the most important specialties, you are in the right place; Because we show you the most important details and accurate information about the Canadian Medical Center, which is one of the best medical centers in the United Arab Emirates.

Canadian Medical Center Abu Dhabi

The Canadian Medical Center was established in 2006, and it is one of the first medical centers to provide many services at the highest level of quality. The most important services provided by the center are as follows:

  • Treatment of skin problems, including acne treatment, acne scar removal, skin rejuvenation, wart removal, wide pores treatment, and wrinkles treatment.
  • Skin tag removal, dark spots and pigmentation removal using laser technology.
  • Laser mole removal, laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal.
  • Work on evaluating skin cancer, and treating various skin diseases.
  • Facelift using fractional laser technology, vascular laser treatment, Botox injections, and filler injections.
  • Arm lift, plasma injections, face and neck lift using Ultra Therapy, mesotherapy for hair and face, face and body peeling.
  • Gum treatment, restorative dental treatment, dental fillings, dental implants, installation of bridges and crowns, and teeth whitening.
  • Hair transplants for men, gynecomastia treatment for men, laser hair removal for men, and lip reduction for men.

Canadian Medical Center Abu Dhabi Khalifa A

The Canadian Medical Center is one of the first centers specialized in plastic surgery, and among the most important plastic surgeries that are performed in the center are the following:

  • Lip reduction operations, lip augmentation operations, and cleft lip operations.
  • Hair transplantation, laser hair removal, double chin removal, and eyelid tightening.
  • Thighs slimming, body sculpting, nose and mouth reduction, neck lift, chin lift and sculpting.
  • Laser wattle liposuction, non-surgical face-lift, and neck liposuction.
  • Facial fat removal, neck threading, facial liposuction, face sculpting, and Korean threads for face lifting.
  • Surgical face-lift, facial scar removal, and facelift.
  • Diamond peeling, skin restoration, neck and face slimming, neck wrinkle treatment, mouth reduction operations.
  • Neck sagging, facial skin tightening, facial nanofacial technology, sagging skin tightening, jaw exposing.
  • Jaw defining operations with threads, laser jaw sculpting, chin liposuction, skin tightening, face transplantation, fattening cheeks, and slimming cheeks.
  • Emphasizing the cheekbones, liposuction, augmenting the facial bones, treating the thinnest face, reducing the cheeks, tightening the cheeks, and beautifying the chin.
  • Mesotherapy for the face, laser freckle removal, laser melasma treatment, maxillofacial surgery, and facial feminization surgeries.

Alternatives to surgery at Canadian Medical Center

The Canadian Medical Center Abu Dhabi provides surgical alternatives to plastic surgery to achieve the most difficult equations, which is the desire for beauty with the simplest solutions. The most important surgical alternatives provided by the center are as follows:

  • Nose filler, under eye filler, nasal deviation treatment, needle nose reduction, and non-surgical rhinoplasty.
  • Collagen injections for the face, facial fillers, cheek fillers, chemical peels, lip fillers, and laser facelifts.
  • Carbon laser, diamond peeling, fractional laser for the face, thread lift, and laser body sculpting.
  • Plasma injections for hands, laser body sculpting, hydrafacial for the face, Spectra laser, stem cell injections for the face.
  • Plasma injection for lips, laser chin lift, fat injection in legs, laser tummy tuck, and milk peeling.
  • The American Althera device, hormonal therapy, laser pigmentation removal, and mesotherapy injections for slimming.

Specialties of the Canadian Medical Center Abu Dhabi

There are many specialties included in the Canadian Medical Center, the most important of which are the following:

  • Department of Plastic Surgery.
  • Slimming and fitness clinic.
  • Dental Department.
  • A physical therapy clinic.
  • Aesthetic dentistry.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Skin care clinic.

Canadian Medical Center Abu Dhabi number

If you would like to know the contact number of the Canadian Medical Center Abu Dhabi and the working hours, here are the following:

  • You can contact the Canadian Medical Center number at 800262.
  • The center is located in Khalifa City A on Street 12 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
  • There is another branch at the intersection of Delma Street with Airport Street in Building No. 1791 in Villa No. 1, near Al Hosn University on Sheikh Rashid Street in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
  • The Canadian Medical Center operates from Saturday to Thursday from eight in the morning until nine in the evening.