Have you ever tried to use shortcuts to achieve your goal while working with Windows? It is normal to enter different parts of the system using the mouse and keyboard, but the trick to speed up your work is to use Windows hotkeys. In this article, we will teach you a number of Windows shortcuts

17 shortcut keys for Windows

As mentioned, there are many Windows keyboard shortcuts that you can use, but in this article we are going to introduce you to 17 Windows shortcuts that can change the situation in your favor. There is no doubt that keyboard shortcuts will work fine for you when working with Windows, and you can do some things faster by pressing a few keystrokes on your keyboard.

Ctrl + Z

One of the most important Windows shortcuts is to press Ctrl and Z at the same time, which will trigger the undo command. Let's say you typed a long text in Microsoft Office, but the wrong part was entered. To go back, just press Ctrl + Z at the same time to cover your mistake. Suppose you deleted some photos from your desktop and regretted it; All you have to do is press the mentioned keys at the same time to return the photos to the desired section.

Ctrl + W. keys

If you enter a new window or reopen a Word or similar file, and you are now about to close it, just press Ctrl + W. By doing this, you will see that the open windows will close as quickly as possible. If you do not use the said combination keys, you must use the mouse to move to the right of the top and select the cross key to close the desired section, but now you can close the window by pressing Ctrl + W.

Ctrl + A keys.

When you select the Ctrl + A key combination, you will see that you have selected an entire group of text or files. Suppose you have entered a new folder containing a large number of music files and you want to select all the files you want. When you want to do this, you have to drag your mouse and follow them to the bottom of the page to select the files, but if you press Ctrl + A you can select all of them.

Alt + Tab keys

Let's say you have three programs open in your Windows at the same time and now you want to switch between them. You do not need to constantly use the mouse to do this, but you can use the Alt + Tab key combination. When you press these two keys simultaneously, you will see that you will be automatically moved between applications as quickly as possible. Doing so can greatly increase your speed when running and using different programs. Do not forget that the Alt + Tab key combination is one of the most important and most used Windows shortcuts that users can use.

Alt + F4 keys

Now press the key combination Alt + F4 to see how quickly you will get out of the window you are in. In fact, using these two combination keys can close all the programs you are using, which is good news for users. If you enter a variety of programs and do not want to use the mouse to exit the programs and go ahead with the process, you just need to press these two keys at the same time to exit the programs you want.

Win + D keys.

Have you ever come across users who are always interested in opening different windows? If you are tired of reopening different windows and want to minimize them, just press Win + D key combination. By doing this, you will see the windows one by one and you can see your desktop. If we want to present the Alt + Tab key combination as one of the most important key keys, then Win + D is definitely very valuable and is used by users at different times.

Win + Left Arrow or Win + Right Arrow keys

In fact, using the above-mentioned combination of keys can simultaneously open two windows to the left or right of each other. These two keys are usually used when you want to view two different partitions or files at the same time for comparison. Another advantage of using the desired combination keys can be considered to sort the desktop screen of a computer or laptop. Users and computer enthusiasts usually use these two keys at different times.

Ctrl + Esc

The Start menu is one of the most important parts of the Windows operating system. If you need to get into the Start menu, you can press the Windows key, but if this key is broken on the keyboard or in general you want to enter faster and more attractive, we recommend using the key combination Ctrl + Esc. When you press the combination keys mentioned above, you can open the Windows Start menu as soon as possible and select the options you want.

F2. key

Another useful and important Windows key is F2. Have you ever decided to rename a folder or image in Windows? Instead of right-clicking on it and finally selecting the Rename option, we recommend pressing the F2 key. When you hit the F2 key, you'll see how much time you've saved. After pressing the F2 key, you can select the name you want for the file and press the Enter key to confirm the operation. Note that doing this is very important for users and can significantly increase the speed of their work.

F5. key

Sometimes you may experience device freeze due to stress on RAM and CPU or due to reopening of too many apps. Although there are many reasons for this, it is important to note that pressing the F5 key can refresh the system. No doubt you use the F5 key several times a day to refresh and speed up your device. Doing so can update various processes and apply various changes.

Win + L keys.

The letter L stands for Lock and indicates, as it can be deduced, that you can simply lock your computer or laptop by simply pressing the Win + L key combination. You usually have to follow other special steps to lock the device, but you can do it Easily. When you want to be away from the computer for a relatively short period and you don't want your friends or family to be able to log in, just press the said keys and lock the computer.

Win + I keys.

Will you go into Windows settings? To do this, you have to go into the Start menu and next to it, you can select the gear icon to enter the Settings section. Keep in mind that the Win + I key combination can act as the most important hotkey in that specific area and fulfill your desire. To enter the settings section, you have to press the said keys and enter the Windows settings in a short time. As mentioned, these two keys should also be presented as the most important and most used keys in Windows.

Win + S keys.

If you want to find a file in the Windows environment or its various partitions, you have to search from the list and there is no other way to do it. You can press Win + S to enter the search section to enter the menu. In this section, you can type the file or other items you want and press Enter to get the results you want.

Win + PrtScn key combination

Have you ever needed a screenshot of Windows? You can do this simply by pressing the Win + PrtScn key combination. Of course, some users use the PrtScn key to take a screenshot and then get into Paint to save the file, but you don't need to do that at all. You can change the situation to your advantage using the Win + PrtScn key combination. When you press the keys you want, you will see that a screenshot has been recorded and it will be automatically saved as png. Of course, you can view the files you want in the Screenshots folder.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Task Manager is one of the most important parts of Windows, as it can provide good information to users. In this section, you can get good information about Windows and running programs, and this can improve system management. To get to this section, you can go into the taskbar, right-click on it and select Task Manager, but for now, just press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to enter the section directly.

Windows 10 shortcut keys – Win + Ctrl + D

Are you planning to create a virtual desktop? You can create a virtual desktop simply by pressing Win + Ctrl + D. Don't forget that by doing this.

Win + X keys

Another Windows shortcut key is Win + X, which opens the hidden menu. In fact, by entering this part of Windows, you can access the important keys of different parts of the system. If you want to use this hidden menu from Windows, just press the mentioned keys to enter the hidden menu.


Without a doubt, working with Windows can be fun when you are familiar with all its tricks and solutions. In this article, we have tried to give you the best Windows shortcut keys and Windows 10 shortcut keys so that you can use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to specify alternate keys in Windows? no; Just use the keys listed by default.
  • Do all shortcuts have another alternative? yes; You can also do your work with the mouse and enter different sections.