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Demon’s Souls (PS5) Review

*Demon’s Souls returns to PS5 in remake form as the first exclusive launch title for the new generation, and it does so as one of the best adaptations we have seen of a game that, while maintaining all its original essence, conceptually changes the gameplay thanks to an impressive graphics. The first PS5 exclusive is an old acquaintance on which rests the legend of being one of the most complicated titles of the Souls saga. There are not many secrets in the game, the remake of Demon’s Souls is exactly the same game that came out ten years ago but with a visual and subtle changes in gameplay and control to bring it to the new generation. For many, facing Demon’s Soulsas the first PS5 game can be a major barrier to entry. The saga is famous for being particularly demanding, and perhaps of all those bearing the Souls surname, Demon’s is also one of the most rewarding titles for the player if he is able to meet the challenge. In itself, the game has not changed anything from the original, and those who have played and controlled it, will be able to go blindly for this new title, which maintains its structure, lore and elements, but complemented with an adaptation of the controls to the current days and with an outstanding graphic section. It should be noted that both the saga and Demon’s Souls are particularly particular titles, that do not appeal to all players and whose barriers to entry are particularly high. This means that it is a title that requires a certain amount of patience, a lot of trial and error, and that punishes and rewards in equal parts. However, this does not mean that anyone interested in wandering through Boletaria cannot complete the challenge. Once learned the basics of the game, any player can complete the game if you have the patience for it, because here you have to arm yourself with patience and face one of the most solvent RPGs that became legendary on PS3 and now vulve to revalidate the title on PS5.  Width=As we say, the fundamental change in the game lies in the graphic section. The remake of Demon’s Souls is in charge of Bluepoint Games, an old acquaintance in the industry for having some of the best remakes ever made. What the company has done with From Software’s original title is nothing more or less than updating it for the times we live in.Perhaps the most spectacular aspect is the graphics. The remake of Demon’s Souls is undoubtedly a visual spectacle in which all the elements look new generation. Bluepoint Gamest has totally modified the visual aspect but keeping the whole essence of the original title. Yes, there are some changes to the art, but they are minor and do not affect the player experience.  Width= Demon’s Souls runs on PS5 at 4K, but offers two different game modes of the player’s choice. The first, cinematic mode, allows the game to be viewed at true 4K and 30fps rewarding graphical fidelity, with more contrasty lighting and special particle effects. The second, performance mode, allows play at 4K checkboard and 60fps with some graphical elements diminished, such as the aforementioned particles and lower lighting contrast. However, the changes between one game mode and the other are graphically minor, and the truth is that although the performance mode has, so to speak, less contrast, it is better to play at 60fps, a real delight. The graphical changes not only affect the game itself, both the cinematics and the art and interface have also changed, they are more modern and easier to use. About the loading screens, well, we could say that they have been changed, but the truth is that the game has no loading screens. The jumps between some worlds and others or the Nexus (the place where the player goes to level up or rest) are instantaneous, and perhaps in a game in which the player will die (and a lot) and need to continually reload the game, is one of the most revolutionary options, almost above in our opinion the graphic element, Another of the fundamental aspects that brings Demon’s Souls on PS5 are the changes in control. They are now very precise, similar to Dark Souls 3, and adapted to the new generation. This allows in addition to move more accurately, to face the new but subtle animations that has some of the enemies of the game, and above all eliminate some of the frustration of the original game that in many occasions you died for not being able to control the character well. Blue Point has also changed some of the animations of the game to make them more brutal. The parris have spectacular animations that change profoundly depending on the weapon used. This also happens for the enemies, whose AI remains identical, but their animations are more realistic. In addition, some glitches of the game have been debugged, especially in fights with Bosses. For veterans, there will no longer be a way to catch the Flamelurker or infinitely duplicate consumable items or souls.  Width= However, there are some glitches that remain: being able to beat one of the 2-1 bosses without being touched or jumping through the 4-1 shortcut are still present, among others, but overall the subtle changes in the game do not change the experience of the original game. In addition, the online no longer affects the trend system (a particularity of *Demon’s Souls that allows you to meet new NPCs or go through inaccessible areas of the game and that changes according to the player’s behavior in the world). The particularities of the classes are still present, and choosing one or another will make the first levels a walk or a real hell. Demon’s Soulsis one of the titles with more literature of the saga, and therefore, it will be easy for new players to find documentation if they get stuck at some point. In this issue is perhaps the most decisive for new players, but we will not tire of repeating that the challenge, although challenging, is suitable for all players. Perhaps, those who are used to play

¿Demon’s Souls for PS5, is it worth it?

 Width= The Demon’s Souls is one of the most absorbing and best prepared games for lovers of adventure and fantasy RPGs, is one of those games that you have to try at least once, one of those who drink directly from the classics and offers an experience that is not available to most games. It is a title that rewards and punishes in equal parts, that rewards exploration and offers a challenge well above average . A game in which to lose hours and hours and explore every last corner and open the last door. It is, in short, one of the titles that you have to play on your newly released PS5.


Demon’s Souls is the best game you can currently play on PS5. One of the classics that keeps all its elements intact but with a spectacular visual and artistic section. A challenge that will test all players and, as they go through their world, they will be rewarded for overcoming the bosses. It is, undoubtedly, one of the essential of the catalog of the new generation.


  • A magnificent graphics and gameplay.
  • Keeps intact the elements of the original game.
  • New animations.
  • Special functions for DualSense, such as trigger control or ambient sound.


  • Subtle change in the soundtrack.
  • High barriers to entry for mainstream users.

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