Why is my Nintendo Pro Controller glitching only when I plugin my headphones?

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In Console Audio, if “Mute when headphones are unplugged” is enabled, the speakers will be muted until you plug the headphones back in. Switch the device to portable mode and disconnect the headphones from the device. But there is a way to use your favorite Bluetooth headphones on a switch controller.

Now, the first step to using a Bluetooth headset with a Nintendo Switch controller is to buy a good quality adapter. If you have a pair of wireless headphones that don’t have a headphone jack, you may want to buy another, cheaper pair to use with the Switch when traveling. As such, the headphone jack isn’t considered essential, but if you really want a Nintendo Switch E-compatible controller with a headphone jack, stay tuned. Almost all consoles, including their controllers, have headphone jacks and wireless connectivity, but unfortunately the Switch Pro controllers don’t.

However, you should note that accessories such as headphones are not supported on controllers connected via Bluetooth. If you want to use it on a PC, connect the controller with a wireless or USB adapter and plug the headset directly into the controller. This can be a little frustrating when the controller doesn’t have a headphone jack and the Bluetooth connection takes longer than it should, but don’t worry, you can still connect them right away.

Connect your Xbox One Wireless Controller using a USB cable or the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows. Sign in to Xbox Live on your Xbox One and install the latest system updates as needed. If you have one, plug the stereo headphone adapter into the bottom of the controller so it can also receive updates. Connect the controller to the PS4 using the USB cable and press the PS button.

After applying the denatured alcohol, I press the buttons several times and turn the joysticks to allow the alcohol to penetrate. Connect your controller to your PS4 with a USB cable and press the PS button. You will have to disassemble the Pro controller to the point of effectively cleaning it as, unlike the Joy-Con, there is no rubber skirt that you can lift to gain access to the inside of the sticks. Once complete, you should have a fully functional Pro controller again, unless something is wrong with it, such as the A button melted.

For now, you need to re-link controllers when switching back and forth. This can be useful (along with a link key) if you want to use the controller on multiple devices without having to re-pair each time you switch. The previous methods are one way to get around this, but if you really don’t want to, then there is another controller option.

Pro controllers appear in Windows as DirectInput controllers, not XInput controllers like the Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One gamepads, so getting it to work with your PC games can be a little tricky. In order to play games on your computer with a PS4 controller, you must first connect the PS4 controller to your Windows system. Connect up to 8 switchless Bluetooth controllers simultaneously without additional hardware.

Use your own HOS menu to bind controllers, remap buttons (firmware 10.0.0+), and more. Go to the main menu, scroll to System Settings, scroll to the bottom left of the menu and select Controllers & Sensors. Once the game loads, go to Options > Controls and click Use Steam Input.

The controller is now updated and you can use the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter. With all these facts in mind, if you still want a third-party controller to play on your Nintendo Switch, choose one below. One of the best third-party Nintendo Switch controllers is undoubtedly the PowerA Fusion Pro Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is one of the most expensive “base” controllers in the current generation of consoles, but it’s also durable, fun to play with, has a great directional pad and comes with amazing motion sensors and vibration technology. In addition, the controller uses Bluetooth, so no adapter is required to connect it to a PC. The adapter handles all the XInput inputs and outputs, so connecting the Switch Pro controller to it using a physical sync button rather than the PC’s Bluetooth menu allows it to act like a PC-compatible Xbox controller. One of the most annoying things about using a Bluetooth adapter is that it keeps getting stuck on the Switch Pro controller.

This is when something hits the coconut in the analog stick of the controller and it doesn’t work like the reliable potentiometer it should be. Drift is undoubtedly a common problem with Joy-Con switches, but it can also affect Pro controllers.

This is not to say that Nintendo products are cheap or of poor quality everywhere; Drift is an issue that can affect any controller on the market, even the powerful Xbox One Elite controller is not safe. Invaders using a Bluetooth audio device are strongly advised to use the Pro controller instead of the Joy-Con controllers if they experience input issues. Audio lag on Bluetooth devices connected to the Nintendo Switch can be resolved by using a Pro controller instead of Joy-Cons and turning off any nearby electronic devices that may be interfering with the connection.

Using the Joy-Cons on a docked Nintendo Switch device while using Bluetooth headphones causes a similar problem. These issues include audio latency from the switcher, input lag, random decoupling, increased Joy-Con drift, and non-working controllers. And if you are facing phantom pairing issue, you may also face the issue of the Switch waking up from sleep mode, because it looks like the Switch is trying to turn on the Bluetooth sound before waking up the screen and controllers.

As far as I know, when waking up from sleep mode, the controller sends a special control command to the bluetooth switch hardware. The Bluetooth module on the switch implements only a fraction of the services required for the hidden controller to work. Controllers using the Bluetooth LE (BLE) standard are not currently supported and will not connect to the system.

For Xbox One, Wii / WiiU and (especially) some Dualshock v1 controllers, it may take some time to discover and then pair with the console. To fix Xbox One headsets not working, the controller firmware needs to be updated to be compatible with the headset adapter. Once the latest software is installed on your controller, you can take full advantage of the headphone adapter’s capabilities, including major controller enhancements.

If this is the case, the only other option is to contact Nintendo directly and discuss a controller repair with them. In this case, you might be able to fix the issue by changing some of your game control options so that Rocket League uses Steam input. If you’re using headphones connected via USB, chances are Rocket League will eventually see them as a controller.

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