How to Clean the Junk Files on Windows

How to Clean the Junk Files on Windows Č It cannot be said that you should be without a computer if you have a few essential maintenance functions anymore. After being so used to them, you might not even know how to do a regular checkup on your computer. Thus, these are the steps you should follow in cleaning the junk files on your PC.

Delete the Junk Files

Junk files are the unwanted ones taking up space in your computer. Once you have these unneeded files, it will cause its speed to slow down. Therefore, you should delete these unwanted files to ensure your computer’s faster and easier functioning.

* To delete the Jott data, click on the Start button and then My Computer.* To delete the VLC data, click on the Start button and My Documents.* To delete the Firefox data, click on the Start button and then on Applications.* To delete the Skype data, click on the Start button and then, on the top left-hand side of the window, select the “Tools” tab.* To delete the StuffIt! data, click on the Start button and then on My Tools.* To delete the Picasa data, click on the Start button and My Pictures.* To delete the K-menus data, click on the Start button and My Settings.* To delete the New tab data, click on the Start button and then the “Site Name” tab.* To delete the Up arrow icon, double click on it.* To search for the files that are no longer used, you can also go to the memories section to remove them.

Clean the Disk

All of your hard work goes to waste when you leave your computer vacant for too long. Thus, it would help to clean your computer of unwanted files by searching for files to delete and remove programs to free up the hard disk space.

* To delete files, you have to right-click on them and then select Delete or Select.* To remove programs, click on the Remove or Uninstall button.* If you want to store files in their original location, you can also click on the files and then on “Share this folder onDemand.”* Finally, you can also click the files once and then the “Zip” button to unforeseen files.* “WINDOWS+R” button helps delete Windows programs, as it will also delete files that are saved using Windows system files.

While deleting files is necessary to maintain your computer’s performance, cleaner software is available that will delete junk files and increase your computer’s speed. Depending on how often you clean the hard disk, you can complete a single system scan or have other computer users complete a full system scan. Also, depending on how frequent cleanings you do, you can achieve a single disk clean-up in about an hour or two, and it will also provide you with the number of unused files on your computer.* Running the CCleaner program will remove junk files and even system files from your computer. It is better to use it to clean the system for the time being rather than continue using your computer, which will take up space eventually.* To remove temporary Internet files, go to Start + Accessories + System Tools + Junk Cleaner.

Lastly, you should defragment the hard disk once a month to speed up your loading and unloading of applications on your Windows computer. Also, if setting up programs to automatically open will speed up your computer, you should disable it by going to “Start” + “Control Panel” + “Programs” + “Turn Windows features on or off.” Be aware that some Windows features may appear as you click on them but only select the ones you need or want.* If you prefer to leave your Windows desktop intact, you should remember that some programs can add a lot of burden to your computer and will also slow it down. Suppose you feel that too many applications are Closing down frequently. In that case, you should check if any applications are running in the Windows task manager to identify which ones are contributing to the slowdown.

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